Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nourishment: In the Waiting

Have you ever just craved nourishment?  How do you get it physically, emotionally, spiritually?  Because I have these questions and I want answers, I've asked a series of people to come in and share how they find nourishment.  Will you come along for the journey?  We will meet here every Thursday until the posts  run out.  Have something to share about nourishment?  Contact me and we will set a date!  
Meet Catherine.  Yes, I am blessed beyond measure that she is my sister-in-law.  She is a writer, a friend, a seeker, and just a fantastic person.  She is one to always find the bright side, to see the best in someone, and to offer encouragement to a hungry heart.

Def. of sustenance (n.) - sustaining health or life.

When Jen asked me to write a guest blog post for her nourishment series, I was happy to oblige.  Honestly, my super organized sis-in-law asked me over a month ago.   When she approached me, I had no idea what the Lord would ask me to share.  As a planning gal myself, normally I would have written "my assignment" and turned it in with plenty of time to spare.  But this time, the Lord said, "Wait".

The Lord and I have been going back and forth about that word for a while now.  Wait.  Wait.   Wait.  Ugh...waiting.  Not my forte.   I'm the last born of three children.  My parents and siblings would tell you I love adventure and have a zest for life.  I love to laugh, love my family, love to make other people smile.  I love being on the go.  I definitely do not like to wait.  Yet, God continues to give me opportunities for practice.

Two years ago, God gave me a dream - literally.  I woke that morning, ran to my computer and typed every detail I could remember.  The calling He had placed in my heart was so strong and undeniable that I was eager to tackle it immediately.  But God said, "Wait".  There were existing commitments and responsibilities that I needed to fulfill before I could let go.  Yet, in the midst of those commitments, I still tried to pursue this new endeavor.  I kept saying, "God, I've got this!"  The result was exhaustion, disenchantment and tears.

What I couldn't see or appreciate then was the process God wanted me to experience.  The planner in me had it all figured out, and I'd taken the reigns from the Master Architect.  Again, God was asking me to wait.  Wait.  What a frustrating four-letter word!  Begrudgingly, I did.  When people would ask me how my "special project" was going, I had a pat answer.  "I'm trusting God's timing."  I WANTED to believe what I was saying, but I also felt so frustrated that God would place something so important in front of me without letting me take it into my hands.

Six months ago, I finally felt released.  I began letting go of client work and projects while politely declining new ones.  At the end of August, I officially closed a successful consulting practice that I'd spent the last six years building.  And you know what?  All I felt was relief.  When I finally stopped moving, I realized how utterly exhausted I was in body, mind and spirit.  So I thought, "Now what?"  God said, "Just wait".

I spent the next month going to hot yoga (my favorite!), meditating on God's word and receiving sustenance for my body, mind and spirit.  I've read more books in the last three months than I've probably read in the last two years.  I go for morning walks with our lovable Aussie - enjoying the trails almost as much as my furry pal.  I've met friends for lunch and spent many a day at home in the quiet.  Waiting.  Being Fed.  Waiting.  Receiving sustenance.

God provided a last-minute opportunity for me to attend a Women of Joy conference a couple of weeks ago.  There in the midst of all these amazing women was a call to action.  God said, "Now.  It's time to begin".  I finally realized that God has been providing the sustenance needed for my journey - the great adventure that He has asked me make.  He's so smart.

My greatest desire is to trust and follow God in all things, but sometimes I get tripped up by my own excitement and looking for "the perfect outfit".   When God asks us to wait, He's not telling us, "No".  He's saying, "Not yet".   If God is asking you to wait, then wait.  Find the patience to be still and receive His sustenance.  You'll be better prepared for the work He has in store for you.

The Lord has given me the tongue of disciples,
That I may know how to sustain the weary one with a word.
He awakens me morning by morning,
He awakens my ear to listen as a disciple.
~Isaiah 50:4
Catherine & her brother (my husband!)

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  1. Oh, waiting is so hard! But we have to trust that God knows best and that He has a plan - a good plan. I just keep thinking of the scripture, Be still and know. God wants us to be still, to rest, and wait before Him. I love this encouragement today - thanks Catherine & Jen!

  2. As I am learning in our study of Acts, "Wait" is an action word. When Jesus appeared to the disciples before His ascension, He told them to go to Jerusalem and WAIT! They did exactly that! But, while they waited, they prayed. It occurred to me that waiting is a form of seeking. We seek the answer to a question or we seek to see the end result of a situation...while we wait! Wait is not a bad is seeking God's will while He sets into place the answer...the one you are "waiting" to hear. Be at peace...waiting is a good thing! Very thought provoking, Catherine. Thanks for sharing. Will look forward to following your journey.

  3. ummmm. so i don't usually wait even if i know i'm supposed to. and then i have to turn back. sigh. i also don't learn lessons very well. great post!

  4. LOL! You and Jen and I are so alike in this way. We are the planners and when we have a plan, we don't want to wait. We want to do it NOW! I wrote a blog a couple weeks ago just on this subject -- waiting. I felt the same way about something I know I'm supposed to do. I finally made myself wait, and you know what? Eventually, all the things I had been trying to figure out unfolded right before my eyes! What's funny is when He finally said "Go," I got scared and dragged my feet and now, after reading scripture to help me get past the fear, I'm finally getting my feet back under me so I can run. Geez! I had to laugh when you said "He's [God's] so smart." Duh!! I think we forget sometimes that God is also a planner, the Master of planning (I don't even want to know what his Google Calendar looks like!), AND he knows what we need to achieve his plan. I'm glad you finally listened. Now, we all want to know what this dream was about! ;) I look forward to seeing this all unfold.

  5. Wait? No way! I'm a doer, and you know what? That is a problem.

    How often do I think I'm just helping God along when really he just wants me to wait?

    Nice meeting you, Catherine.

  6. Sigh. I needed this post. That four letter word has been my life since May. I so want to know what is going to happen in the coming months and yet He says....wait.

    It's always nice to know you are not alone.... and the wait is hard for others ;) Beautiful post.


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