Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Year with the Word

It happened yesterday, but I didn’t realize it until I sat on my couch this morning, chai latte by my side, ready to absorb what He was going to tell me.

I saw “2010” printed in blue ink above the date, “October 11.”  One year ago, I began my journey with the One Year Bible, and yesterday, without even noticing, I had completed my goal – to read the entire Bible.

And how ironic that just on Sunday, as I Skyped with my father, he asked me this:

“Does it really make a difference in your life if you read the Bible every day?  If you read the entire Bible?”

“Um, yeah, Dad.  It does.”

“How is your life changed since you started?” he asks me...

How has the Word changed my life in the past year?  Will you join me at The Scenic Route?  Click here to keep reading...


  1. Hi Jen - I've read the rest at Eileen's and I wanted you to know that you have inspired me to read my bible through in a year or less. I'm always threatening to do it, but now I am choosing to.
    God bless

  2. I'm amazed to find long-time Christians comment that they don't know how to find a certain book of the Bible or they don't know what it's about because they've never read it. Don't they want to know what the WHOLE Bible says? It's ALL relevant. Congratulations on completing this goal!

  3. Oh and what a difference it does make! AMEN!! God bless you, Girlfriend for your faithfulness!
    Hugs, blessings, and prayers,

  4. Blessings Jen, read your post at Eileens, thank you!

  5. Like heart was just prompted to remember to refocus each day. How can I expect to have my thoughts be conformed if I don't immerse myself in it??

  6. Good for you! I've loved reading the Bible through and missed it the years I haven't. Prayers for more talks with your dad, too.

  7. I had hit a dry patch in my time with God and could not figure out why...I picked up my one year bible and started reading it a few months has made all the difference!
    I love all the ways you've pointed out that it has made a difference.

  8. Inspiring. Could you recommend a bible for a beginner?

  9. Yes, Chris. I love mine. It's the Change Your Life Daily Bible. This is the updated one here:


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