Friday, November 18, 2011

As of Late...


Lately, I've been able to say "Life is good."
Lately, I've been saying "Thank You" a lot.
Lately, I've learned that God is teaching me that I can say "Thank You" even when life isn't perfect.
Lately, I've been watching rain fall upon our parched land.
Lately, I've marveled at the spring flowers in bloom in the fall because the weather patterns are confusing them.
Lately, I've seen God color outside the lines.
Lately, I've realized that I don't get 7 year-old humor sometimes.
Lately, I've been so thankful for community.
Lately, I've surrendered more of my leadership to my husband.
Lately, I've gotten to meet some of my blog peeps in person.  Simply amazing.
Lately, I've been in love.
What are you up to lately?  Come share at CrittyJoy's place.  


  1. These are such great blessings my friend. I love watching the rain come on parched land. It is like watching God working in my heart.

  2. What a great list. I too have been saying thanks much more often lately and it does change your perspective. Thanks for sharing

  3. Fun post! And yes, praise God for the rain, right?! Love that pic of you and your hubby - so good!

  4. Lately I've been thanking God for growth. :) Cute pictures Jen and I love your "latelys". Be blessed my friend!

  5. Oh the seasons of glad you are in sunshine...rejoice and drink deep all the Goodness of God...
    Blessings to your weekend...

  6. Saying thank you when life isn't perfect. And doesn't life just seem a little big perfect-er (a pjk word) when we have gratitude taking up space in our heart? It always seems like that to me.

  7. Love this list! Lately I have a lot to be thankful for- even on the days when I can't see it!

  8. What a lovely as of late list. What a good thing to surrender to ones husband! I'm working on doing more of that myself. My heart always longs to and I know God desires it of me. Love this list!

  9. Such a beautiful list my friend. Flowers in autumn.... always delightful!

    So glad you could join us this month. <3

  10. I don't get 7 yr old humour either. Or 9 and 13 yr old humour for that matter!

  11. What a fun meme!Love your list and love your picture! Cute! Cute! Happy weekend dear!

  12. Lately I've been jetting around the country visiting hugely inspirational women leaders. Have been in awe of what God is doing in their lives! XO!

  13. A lately list that is great for every day! (Except for maybe the flowers in winter??? But who knows with the God who colors outside the lines!)

  14. These are beautiful! What a great list! I need to start doing this. It will help me see the beauty in life.

    I especially love your last item on the list. :-)


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