Monday, November 14, 2011

A Bad Habit

I'm guest posting today at Melanie Dorsey's WINGS blog.  What is WINGS, you say?  WINGS stands for Women In God's Shadow and it is a resource for Christian writers and speakers.  

Here's a little teaser to get you over there...

art by Jen Ferguson
I’ve developed a bad habit -- something that threatens to derail my relationship with God.  It is not something that one would ordinarily herald as a blatant red flag.  It’s more insidious.  It catches me unaware.  I’m learning, though, to watch for the signs.  Perhaps you might have experience the symptoms of this bad habit?


  1. you know Jen, I did this so much when I first started blogging. It's almost like I'd beg the kids to say something funny so that I could run to the computer. Yah, I am with you....let's work on the soul before we work on the post. Good thinkin', (smile)

  2. Yeap, been there and done that, still do from time to time. A timely word. Thanks.

  3. ACK! I just got a Providential Ditto. I have been convicted about this lately too, and I was considering it just this morning. I went off on a wonderful Scripture journey just for the fun of it, and then I started thinking about what a great LESSON it would make...

    Then, I read your post.

    Confirmation or smack down. Whatever you call it, I'm listening.

  4. A much needed word for so many of us, Jen. Thank you for your honesty.

    Not only you, but many need this "gentle rebuke."

    I pray for the same sweet conviction for myself. Nothing takes the place--even the good things---of our time with Lover of our Souls.

  5. I love this analogy to the tree!;) great!

  6. I do think in terms of blog posts. When I hear or read something, I usually think of how I could interpret that into a post. But, I think that I do read the Word with the intention of learning and apply God's Truths to my life. I'm going to be thinking about this today and make sure that God is able to speak to me before I attempt to speak to others. Blessings, Jen!

  7. You know my fixation with trees--especially those which shelter. "Releasing the weariness of my soul."

  8. Such a fine line...and I need to be careful. Knowing He has a word for me, yet it's almost always bigger than just for myself.


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