Friday, November 11, 2011

Unexpected: 5 Minute Friday

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Unexpectedly, I am at home with a sick child.  So my long run of 14 miles got cut short to 10 because that is all I had time for before I took my youngest to school.  10 miles in the dark.  In the cold.  And as I run, I am alert for the nocturnal creatures that sometimes like to come out...the possums, the raccoons, the coyotes, and deer.  

Fortunately, I only had to commune with a single doe.  I think it was a teenager one -- he was all by his lonesome and I think he was hurrying home to make it back before curfew.

I was thinking while I ran in the dark, the full moon illuminating my path, how it easy it is to sometimes let darkness and chill invade a heart.  Thoughts can run wild if we let ourselves be infiltrated, if we don't arm ourselves with the protection that only He can give us.  Those unexpected thoughts that pop up in our head -- the ones that we know we need not pay attention to -- but when we are dark and chilled, we let them sit with us for a bit.  And perhaps we find ourselves on the out-of-control side because we've been away from warmth and light for a few minutes too long.

When I break free of the thought that has held me captive for this moment too long, when I realize that this dark and cold is not something I want to carry into my heart, I reach, unexpectedly on this 10 mile jaunt, out to Him.  Like a little child, I ask Him to chase away the insidious thoughts that have intruded on my safe haven that I have with Him.  I ask Him to wash me in His light.  I ask Him to be strong in the face of my weakness.  I ask Him to be a big Daddy.

And He is.  As the light of dawn begins to illuminate my word, as the warmth of the rays slowly thaws this aching heart, I am safe once again.


  1. What a wonderful inspiring up lisfting post.
    I have never linked up to the five minute prompt linky. I may have to give it a try.
    Your photo is beautiful!

  2. There is a reoccuring theme this morning - safety in God's arms. We are never alone and we have no reason to fear, for God is always with us. Amen! Wonderful encouragement, Jen!

  3. I've always wanted to run. How do you run without tearing up your knees?

  4. Yes, great insight----so much truth. Stay a minute too long in the darkness, a thought that is not truth, transforms to scary place to be. So wise of you to take the thought captive and run to the Light!

  5. Oh I remember the days of a short run being between 6-10
    great stay in the cold away from the warmth of the light...
    Blessings as you minister to you wee one...

  6. i love the dark/light analogy here....i want to train for a 1/2, but i know it would involve some runs in the dark, and i am TERRIFIED of that....

  7. Oh, yes, I agree: "how it easy it is to sometimes let darkness and chill invade a heart."

    And YES to this: "I ask Him to wash me in His light. I ask Him to be strong in the face of my weakness." You are so right that He is. He is there. He is strong. He IS.

  8. Jen, how do you DO that??? If I tried to write for 5 min. with no editing, I'd end up with "Ummmmmm..." and about 35 more words. Maybe.

    Beautiful post!

  9. Hi Jen - as I was reading your post, I was thinking "hey, it was full moon by us too" Here in sunny South Africa. Daft thought but made me think how awesome God is that in such distance we can see the same thing. God's word is the same - we all can see it,anywhere, its available. So off the point, but anyway
    God bless

  10. Hi Jen, I am new to your blog, but I really visit all the time. Sometimes it is in the dark that we truly can feel the presence of God.It is in these times, that God somehow truly become a companion on our journey. I admire you for running with all the critters around! I am too afraid of running into one of these and it is really dark where I live, like no lights anywhere!

  11. Wow you're brave to get out there and run in the dark! The thought scares me, but what a neat time of fellowship with your Maker!

  12. 14 miles cut down to 10???

  13. Wow... this sounds absolutely idyllic - life changing, even. How often do you do that?!

  14. @Kati, I run about 3 times a week, but only 1 long, long run each week.


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