Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winds of Distractions

Photobucket It's windy here today.
Windy as in difficult-to-stay-in-my-own-lane-while-driving-my-car-kind-of-windy.

While sitting in church today, I strained to keep my attention focused on the words of the sermon, but the wind continued to rattle the windows of my church.  It rattled the cross that extends itself into the sky.  It rattled the large brass cross that comes down over the alter.
As I strained to hear, I myself became rattled.
Will the roof cave in?
Will the cross topple?
Will the windows crack, the shingles rip off, the roof crater?
And before long, I was imagining the church where I have been since I was 7, standing no more.

How easy is it to be distracted by the winds that whip around us.  Winds that are not born of the Holy Spirit, but rather winds that seek to taunt us with needless worries, endless speculations.  Winds that seek to rock us off our foundations so that we are easily swept up by the world.

Have you ever felt whipped around by the wind?  Have you ever gotten to the point where the battle against it is so hard and you are so tired that you consider just surrendering to it, allowing it to carry you this way or that?

I pondered these things while straining to hear that sermon and all the while, I hear the still small voice saying this:

Remember your foundation.

And I think of times that I nearly surrendered to the wind, throwing up my hands, my exhaustion, my will.  Surrendering to those things that I thought would soothe, would numb, would help me forget.

But then...

But then, my Protector stepped in.  And I remembered my foundation and I saw the safety of surrender to Him, though I knew it would not be something without pain or tears or struggle.  But, I would be rooted.  I would be found.  I would not be aimless, flapping the winds, this way and that.  No.

I would be in the safety of His wings, surrounded by His Wind, the world's noise quieting once again.

As we prayed the Prayers of the People, me in my pew, head bent down, heart opened, communing with God that which I laid in front of Him on behalf of myself, on behalf of those I love, I was oblivious to that scathing, cold wind.  I was oblivious to the creaking, to the fear, to the howling that sparked worry in my heart.

It was only when I arose out of that prayer that my ears attuned to it once again.  And so I learn not only to remember my foundation, but to pray without ceasing.

Are you caught in the windstorm?  Have you ever been?

Also, would love for you to join us tomorrow for Soli Deo Gloria (link opens Monday evening and goes through Wednesday night).


  1. Isn't it awesome how God can use the wind to drive such a powerful point home to us? I love that.

  2. I felt such peace and safety while reading this. Thanks for listening to that powerful voice this morning -- because I needed to hear it today.

  3. I was touched in church today, as we lite the candle of hope . . . remembering again that no matter what wind comes this year . . . we have hope, because of Christ.

    Merry Christmas,

  4. We drove that windy road on Saturday, and I was sitting in the back sit where my tummy was quite challenged. Yep. The winds of life often make me feel a bit queasy.

    On Sunday, we were encouraged to look back over our lives to find a time when God has let us down. I searched my memory bank and couldn't think of single time. Not even when the winds were at their strongest.

  5. Jen, I'm pretty sure I'm in a windstorm right now.

    Have you ever been caught in a West Texas windstorm? The wind blows the red dirt until you get caught in complete red - can't see a foot in front of you and can't see in back. I got caught in one of those on the highway once. Could not see the front or back ends of my truck. Did not know if there were other people around me or where to pull over. God and I communed quite a bit on that trip. His hand saw me safely out of the other side of the storm. I trust Him to do that, but I do not want to put it to the test again. Literally or figuratively. Unfortunately, I don't always have a choice in that. So I trust and I pray.

  6. This reminds me of when Peter asked Christ to tell him to come to Him on the water. He did ok at first, but "then he saw the wind". We have to look beyond those windy days, don't we? Beautiful, as always, Jen. Love to you.

  7. Everything today is pointing me back to the fact that I have let the winds blow me around. thank you for another confirmation

  8. Beautiful encouragement Jenn. Simply remembering our foundation is a great way to stand up to fear! Blessings!

  9. I pictured you there on your knees covered by Mighty Wings. May the wind only lift you to higher heights with Him. God's blessings on you this day.

  10. Having trouble leaving a comment, trying one more time. From one who can often be distracted thank you for this reminder!!

  11. Sometimes...right there in the wind...He is there. Too often I resent the wind, and want to shush the wind, and shut out the wind. But who am I to tell the Windmaker how to blow? God's awesome power is right there in the middle of it...if I can just shush mySELF and take Him in.

  12. Awesome metaphor, Jen. It's been windy here in Nebraska...and in my soul as well.


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