Monday, January 30, 2012

voting TIME & Soli Deo Gloria Party

It's time to pull up your chair.  Do you know you have one here in this space we call Soli Deo Gloria?  You do.  It's reserved every week only for you.  This place would be different if you weren't here and we miss you when you are gone.  This is a place filled with women who seek to honor your words, you heart, your tears, and your laughter.  Scooch in close.  You won't want to miss a word.

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No, I'm not going to ask you to vote for the next Republican candidate.  Actually, much more fun and exciting matters await you...

It's time to vote for the Soli Deo Gloria tagline.

It was actually very difficult to narrow down the field, so I had my husband do it.  Really.  He also took his red pen to his favorite, so I'm posting the original and edited versions.  So instead of just 3, you actually have 5 choices.  Sorry, folks.

Choice 1
Soli Deo Gloria :: Separate cities, connected by the same Savior

Choice 2
a)  Soli Deo Gloria :: The glory of His Story in our story (unedited)
b)  Soli Deo Gloria :: The glory of His Word in our story (edited)

Choice 3
Virtual friends, real sisters. Soli Deo Gloria

Choice 4 (because I just can't help myself!)
Life works better with a sister by my side.  Sharing life with the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood.

So glad you have the hard work to do and not me (clearly I already had the hard task of going through all the fabulous entries -- thank you to everyone who participated)!  Leave your vote in the comments, please.  I hope to have the shirts designed by our next SDG meeting!
On another note, I'm moving my bible study class vlogs to Thursdays since that is when I've been exploring my thoughts about cultivation, my word for 2012.  Please join me if you can!  This week, we will look at the first chapter of Habakkuk if you want to read ahead to get a grasp of what we will be discussing.

AND HUGE ANSWER TO PRAYER!!  I asked my Monday morning Bible study to pray for the last $217 to come in so that I can pay off the deposit before my credit card bill is due.  No sooner did I finish the request, but one of my sweet ladies pulled out her checkbook and wrote out a check for exactly $217. I am thankful and humbled and astounded!!
Soli Deo Gloria is all about sharing our hearts.  Since I've taken up your time with the above business, I'm just going to summarize here:

It's easy to write about your kids when things are peachy, but a bit harder when there is a problem that still needs to be resolved.  Around our house, we are really working on being honest and obedient.  I'm excited on one end -- we have a behavior plan in place, a tangible goal to work forward, and I'm am armed with prayer.  I've highlighted some great scriptures in Beth Moore's Praying God's Word and I've printed out some prayers that specifically help parents pray for the development of different character attributes for their kids.  On the other end, it just kills me that it's an issue.  Not so much the obedience, but the dishonesty.  Question for you parents out there -- did your kids go through a dishonesty phase?  Any illuminations for me?

Every week, I look forward to seeing your sweet faces.  Since my class is in full swing, I don't always get around to each one of you, but I want you to know that your participation is so valuable to me.  Even more important than that, though, your participation is important to the entire body of the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood.

SDG Community Builder:  1) Vote!  2)  Before leaving a comment on another sister's page, pray for words from the Holy Spirit to flow from your heart to your fingertips as you leave a comment.


  1. Gosh, I think I like 2b. I love what soli deo gloria means...God's glory alone, so I like emphasizing the idea of God's glory in our stories. That's my vote!

  2. I like choice 2 but cannot choose between a or b. :)

    Whoohoo for the praise! He is good!

    This place on Tuesday's is such a haven for us. <3

  3. I'm sure you won't be surprised that my favorite is 3. You have me at virtual friends....

  4. Yay for the last $217! I vote #3 as well!!!

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  5. Yes, yay for the $217, you have had some really cool God things happen in regards to this retreat. I like #3! Not able to link up this week, but stopping by anyway. :)

  6. Hard decision because the choices re soooooo good. My vote goes for number three.

    Praising the Lord for you reaching the money goal too. wow that is so cool

    will link up in the morning when my new post goes live.

  7. Voting for 2(a) and 3. Why? Because I can.

    $217.00 baby. Nice.

    Dishonesty? Us? You know our oldest went through a dishonest stage when she got scared. It was more of an embelishement of stories. It faded when some of her anxiety did. Our youngest insists a bear lives in her can't help you there.

    Love you. A

  8. I like #3.

    We've gone through that phase with all three of our kids at one point or another. Some of it is self-preservation, fearing the consequences if they do tell us the truth. Although once they realize we're a lot happier with them being honest, they get over that pretty quickly! Our preteen/almost teen is going through a new dishonesty phase, but I read it has more to do with trying to figure out this desire for independence than anything. She's not necessarily lying, just not telling us the whole truth. We're working on her with it. And praying. Lots and lots of praying.

  9. I love #3! Thanks for hosting this beautiful community, Jen!

  10. Choice 3 for me!
    Love you!

  11. I vote choice 4. Although I would wear any of them :)

    And as for the kid issue...the answer is yes. I am currently dealing with the dishonesty issue with my 15 year old son and it is not fun. I will pray for you, say one for me? :)

    Hugs xoxo

  12. I vote for choice #3! And for the dishonesty question -- not so much my kids as me. When I was a kid I would do anything to avoid getting caught at doing something wrong. I was afraid, so I would lie. I was too afraid of being left there with my ugliness - didn't get a sense of grace and love until I was much older.... so I think shoring up the safety net of being loved anyway, always getting a second chance, how being human means making mistakes is a great way to bring about more honesty.

  13. I vote for #3! Praise God for His answer to prayer!

  14. I like #3.

    If it would be possible,I would love it to have sisterhood at the end.

    Virtual friends, real sisters. Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood

    But like it just the same. I hope you are recording the many ways the Lord is answering prayer. Thanks for stepping out in faith & creating this on-line place. Continue to ask the Lord for wisdom and press on. With love.
    And yes, we've dealt with dishonesty and disobedience but I don't have any other words of wisdom...been there though.

  15. I guess I'm the oddball...I like #1.

  16. My choice is no. 1. I guess it's because I'm way over here in the Philippines!!! Patsy from

  17. Love choice 2a. His story in our story. It's so true. As I further get into the word I see how much His story comes through mine and how relevant words written thousands of years ago are so applicable today.

  18. Choice 3. Virtual Friends, Real Sisters.

    Love that.

  19. I am so happy to have found your blog! I will also add my link and check out the other blogs...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    I like #1!

  20. 2b + 4 = 3

    BTW - when I grade papers I use a fuschia pen:)Powerful yet pretty! LOL - BTW - it is always so exciting to share a STORY(2b) God's heroic action in our lives:)

  21. I like #4 (but shortening the second sentence to Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood).

    I'm so with you in that child rearing challenge and would love to hear about your plan. It sounds like you are doing the best you can to instill your children with God's Word so they know His truth. I think when we do that as parents, we have to leave the rest up to Him...easier said than done, especially if they wander down paths away from Him.

  22. I vote for Choice 3, and yes! We are having dishonesty issues around here . . . how did you know? Both my 3 year old and my 5 year old love to "trick" us and are having issues with admitting wrongs. This seems to have come out of nowhere, though I know it is a normal part of childhood.

  23. I vote for number 3 but they're all great!

  24. I like #1 and #3. Sorry, can't choose, but it looks like #3 has it. ;) Dishonesty? We've experienced a little bit of it, but we can talk about it on our run Friday. ;) Yes, most kids go through a phase of dishonesty. If not addressed, it can turn into a big problem, but I know yours won't. :)

  25. I vote for #2a (big surprise...) =)

    Dishonesty with the kiddos - yup, we've had to work thru that. What has worked? Swift, tender, severe consequences.

    Our 7 yr old told a lie (more of an embellishment/story) at his cottage school. Discovered it accidentally, from his little brother. So we had him write a letter to the teacher, apologizing, and he had to apologize 'publicly' to her & the class (he made up an untrue story for show & tell).
    Harsh? Yeah, he was pretty devastated. But that was almost a year ago, after he had been dabbling with some stretching-of-the-truth for a good long while. And it ended right there; no problems since.

    With our little ones at home, telling a lie to cover some disobedience, we have them hold their tongue, for a minute to two, depending on age. Literally. Hold their, with slobber dripping down their hand. It's completely benign, utterly disgusting, and embarrassing enough to make an impact. That same consequence works for any infraction of the 'tongue' - like disrespectful back-talk, or hateful words to a sibling, etc.

    Hope that helps!!!

    Can I vote TWICE for #2a????

  26. Wow! Thanks for your message. Can't believe I didn't wander over here yesterday! Guess I'll go ahead and vote for #3, too. So excited to hear God's answer to your prayer. And, yes, someone said above that dishonesty is often linked to fear. And know what casts out fear? Perfect love. I'm learning the only way to love my children well is to bask in God's perfect love for me.

  27. I love them all but I think my favorite is #3. Celebrating with you in an answer to prayer. Much love, Jen.

  28. Rejoicing with you on God's answer to prayer...Wohoo! Having a hard time deciding bw 2b) and 3....sorry, I couldn't be more helpful :)


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