Wednesday, January 25, 2012

when you feel mismatched

photo source via Pinterest

sometimes i feel...mismatched


my frame is too small to carry this burden
my heart too fragile to feel this pain
my mind too incapable of navigating this obstacle
my fear too strong for this mission
my endurance too short to finish the race

sometimes the feat just seems bigger than i could ever be

and so i seem to shrink even further
i blow farther with the smallest of breezes
i lose my footing so easily because somewhere
i've started to trod on shifting sand

and i beseech Him,
like a small child worming her way out of something her mom asks her to do,
"do i hafta?"
it's not a stubborn unwillingness
( it?)
it's a genuine fear of messing up, of asking too much,
of biting off more than i can possibly chew

and i ask and He graciously responds,
Psalm 27, verse 3
and i plod my way past the old testament and i read these words:

"Though a mighty army surrounds me,
my heart will not be afraid.
Even if I am attacked,
I will remain confident."

how many people in His Word have felt so, so little.
it seems that's how God likes it best
because He wants us to keep walking on the firm foundation
that is HIM.
if the task was achievable on my own merits,
wouldn't i be so ever ready to toot my own horn?

but He knows my heart:
soli deo gloria
for God's glory alone.

photo source via Pinterest
and besides all that, have you ever been astounded by things put together
that would not ordinarily be paired
but when they are,
the beauty, the astounding beauty that results.
photo source via Pinterest


  1. Whenever I am the leader of a group I feel mismatched to the task. My "leadership style" seems to be an unlikely match for leadership.

  2. Jen, I love this. What a treasure! I often forget that God has made us beautiful in our mismatched-ness. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Also, Jen, every day I tweet about the best thing I've read that morning and I'd love to feature this post. Are you on Twitter? If so, what's your handle? (I'm @sarahkoci.)

  3. LOVE this post, Jen. What great encouragement. God certainly specializes in using mismatched misfits!!

  4. Great words, Jen. Very powerful. I am so glad I found your blog... Soli Deo Gloria is my mantra of faith.

    I have it tattooed on the top of my left foot, so I am always reminded who called me to this life and who I am living it for. Even when my socks don't match.

  5. these are beautiful words! I love this idea of "mismatched"- feeling that right now!

  6. Love this, Jen. I can totally identify with the feeling of being mismatched, but you are so right - He puts things together in ways we'd never expect or understand. He's cool like that, and I'm so thankful! Thank you for this reminder today.

  7. Great words and perfect photos to remind us there is still beauty in being mismatched.

    I put together a puzzle last night with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter - some of the pieces didn't fit right away and I had to step back and try to see the whole picture - had to imagine where Mickey's foot would be or Minnie's hat belonged. I think that too gave me insight to being mismatched. I don't see the whole picture - only God does.

  8. Beautiful words that ring so true in this heart!! Thank you!

  9. Beautiful, my friend. Yes, I can relate to that feeling of not being adequate and mismatched to the job. That's usually when God shows up in the biggest possible way and blesses beyone what I ever could have imagined. After all, if we can do it on our own... why would we need Him?

  10. Laying down perfection, having to have all figured out and resting in mismatched is oh, so wonderful.

  11. I am SO mismatched! Beautiful and truthful words. Enjoyed visiting today!

  12. I'm feeling this today, Jen. And you've helped me to not feel so overwhelmed by it all. Love your post!

  13. smiles....i feel like this at times...and what wonderful reassurance in your words...i think at times god chooses us knowing this so he can put himself on display...

  14. I love that -- do all for God's glory! Wonderful message :)

  15. nice write... why is it we do feel out-of-place... My Grand wears miss-matched socks daily... her Mama calls it crazy sock day's... Grand laughs and embraces the fact she can't find the match... maybe we should be doing the same... thanks

  16. Today has been one of those mismatched days for sure. And because I am far from perfect I am going to begin again as though my day has just begun.
    Thank you for this right on time post. I really needed it...

  17. It is so cool that we are so mismatched ... and God loves us this way.


  18. So well written - and I love the pinterest pictures! I embrace the "mismatched" days!

  19. I felt sad reading this, I often wonder why life has to be so much of a struggle, why things just have to be sooooooooooo hard. When I'm like this i truly realise that I have no strength of my own, I am a scaredy-cat all my courage comes from God, I'm confused all my clarity is in Him, I'm faint and He picks me up.

    There are so many scriptures which this brings to my mind, but here are two:

    Come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest...

    From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

  20. I have felt mismatched many times with what He has called me to do, but God smiles and says, "Not with Me!"
    Loved this post!

  21. mmm, yes. feeling this today, sister. embracing the mismatched today, loved one, right along side you.

  22. I can definitely relate to your words today.

  23. I so appreciate your heart here, Jen...feeling mismatched, too...then I read how Jesus takes the 5 loaves and two fish (Mark 6:33-44) and multiplies them...mismatched is uncomfortable but an opportunity to see Him work when our hearts are matched with His...Thank you, for this gift of a post :)

  24. I just love this! I feel this way a lot. And I wish it was the I don't think I can do this that draws you to trust Jesus type of mis-match. Mine is the arrogant, why don't I get to (fill in the blank), thinking I totally have it covered if I just had the opportunity whatever it may be. So in reality, I guess I am thankful for being mis-matched because I sure need humbling a lot and the reminder that Jesus is the source of life and everything in it. And... just on saturday I looked down and realized I had two different shoes on. So...

  25. Yes ... yes. Your heart is a soli deo gloria heart. You are LIVING it, my friend. And how you mentor me with your words.

  26. You know, I have begun to find a kind of comfort in mismatched things, and my guests have told me how much they enjoy them, too, and that they are beautiful. I wonder whether this is why...we are reminded that we are all works in progress-- not perfect, but serving a purpose.

  27. For the record, mismatched is totally in. I know this not because I am hip, but because the high schoolers I work with tell me so!

  28. i feel mismatched too. all of the time. and i love it because it means we're unique :)

  29. I can so relate, thank you for putting it into words...


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