Friday, February 3, 2012

5 Minute Friday and Swag to Win

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I'm posting this so late because, ahem, real life got in the way.  The real life of getting children to leave their comfortable beds and trade the covers for cold jeans and cold cereal.  The real life of pining away for the husband who is out of town, not just because an extra pair of hands would really be helpful, but because I miss his presence, his life, his laugh.  The real life of wanting a break from it all, but realizing that there are preparations to be made, for Craig's grandfather died last night.  The real life of trying to keep it all together, to not lose my cool when the organic strawberries that cost $5.98 get left uneaten.  The real life of loving, even when it seems to take the ounce of reserve energy that somehow got left in the tank.
But real are the friends who offer support and real is the God who loves me, even when I feel unloved.  Real is the guilt I feel for not being able to respond to all the comments on my blog, but real is the truth that says, You can't do it all.  Real is the love that I have for writing and His written Word.  Real is the fact that even when I miss a moment with Him, grace remains. Real is the ability to allow my fingers to flow across the keyboard and to welcome the likes of you.

GIVEAWAY -- Do you want some swag?

Just a few days ago, I received this email in my inbox:

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February 16th marks the launch of the Code Purple Event during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City.The event will spread awareness and raise funds to distribute this product to every soul living in an environment where Malaria is a risk factor. The fundraising event will feature unique collections from the aforementioned designers, as well as special musical guest performances, a live auction, raffles, and giveaways. 

Learn more about the initiative by watching “Pam’s Story”:

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  1. Real life does have a way of doing just that. Comfort to you in the coming days.

  2. Oh sweetie, you need a hug and I am sending you a big one right you feel it?
    I am so sorry about the death in your family...and I pray that you will sense God's comfort and presence through the coming days....

    Hugs and blessings,

  3. real sometimes gets messy, doesn't it? Let go of the guilt, and keep the grace {that's what I keep reminding myself anyway!} thinking of you guys through this time!!

  4. Sorry to hear about Craig's grandfather and the strawberries... praying that God sustains you and your family...thanks for being real, Jen :)

  5. real life gets in my way all the time and i'm so thankful for your welcoming of me :)

    ps i liked code purple on facebook

  6. Beautiful thoughts. Love this "Real is the fact that even when I miss a moment with Him, grace remains."

  7. lots on your plate right now..God is good. All the time.
    bummer about the strawberries...I know exactly what you are taking about.
    I am sorry for your loss.


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