Monday, February 13, 2012

braiding cornsilk & the Soli Deo Gloria Party

It's time to pull up your chair.  Do you know you have one here in this space we call Soli Deo Gloria?  You do.  It's reserved every week only for you.  This place would be different if you weren't here and we miss you when you are gone.  This is a place filled with women who seek to honor your words, you heart, your tears, and your laughter.  Scooch in close.  You won't want to miss a word.

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my fingers interlace her hair
and i am struck by the colors of the strands,
the light against the darker
and as i wrap the band
securing the braid,
it looks like cornsilk,
contrasting colors,
woven together
into beauty.

photo source via Pinterest
can you take someone like me
and weave it with someone like her
and will it come out in
beautiful bands of color?
sometimes i feel so dark
and dull
and i'm afraid i'm squelching
her vibrancy
and i feel that this role of motherhood,
i'm tainting somehow.
and i wonder if i was ever cut out for this job anyway,
this job of braiding cornsilk.

the knots ensnare me
and the pulling causes pain
and what if
she sees me as a harsh detangler?
my heart is to comb gently, you know,
but there is this impatience in me.

i want her to know that i love braiding
her cornsilk hair.
i want her to know that i love weaving life
with her and her sister.
i want her to know that our contrasts have the
power to behold beauty.
but i'm prone to tangles, too.

and i'm just praying that she remembers
the smooth hands
and the careful entwining,
and the banding together,
three cords strong.
and i'm just praying she remembers
the interlacing fingers,
the hands that pray,
the hands that hold.
and i'm just praying that despite my tangles
we weave together trust,
that we are banded in love,
three cords strong.
i'm just praying...

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(oh, and funny story:  Last week one of our sweet sisters emailed me, asking me "where is the link so I can pull up my chair?"  I had forgotten to set up the linky before I went out of town.  Love that even though we are virtual, this group feels so tangible.)

(oh, and one more thing -- a fellow SDG sister and my friend from my youth group days is starting her own photography business.  She's having a giveaway -- will you check out her site or like her on FB?  It's called Anchor & Key.)

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  1. I hope you print this out and put this somewhere for your girl. The beautiful word picture you created her will bless her heart one day and show her your love in a special way.

    The way you write prose and poetry is gorgeous and touches my heart so.

  2. She will remember! My sister was the one who braided my hair as a young one and I remember well, not just the braiding, but the conversations and laughter while braiding.
    A beautiful post!

  3. beautiful words, jen. love it encompasses my own prayer I often pray. xo

  4. you wrote this makes me flash back in time...all the braiding....prayers and braiding...wonderful weaving of heart...

  5. You get to use words I cannot. God has given me a different vocabulary, in this raising of sons - but I love the words you use because they are speak of things still within me!

    1. Your comment is perfect, so I'll just camp on it. Like you, I raised sons... and now I have a precious daughter-in-law whose hair is like lovely cornsilk.

  6. I have a wonderful feeling that your daughter will remember your hands, your fingers, your prayers and your love.

  7. Beautiful post and BEAUTIFUL girls. :) so sweet!

  8. this makes me wish i had a girl :) so excited you're hosting a retreat, friend... very cool!

  9. I happen to be in love with this post. You are such a good mama, and no, not because you have it all together, but because you can feel how much you love these two.

  10. I have to confess I'm a clumsy mother to my 16 year old son! But God knows I try my best! He'll fill in where and when needed! Patsy from

  11. My daughter is away for two weeks right now. Am feeling so lost without all the mothering I am used to doing - your poem made me cry. Today I wrote to a group of my girlfriends about how much I was missing her -- "is it always this way with motherhood? Too hard when it's in our face each day, but too removed once we're done?" Much love to you and your mothering Jen.

  12. What a sweet welcome and beautiful post. I love your honesty, tangles and braids and all. :)

  13. Love the corn silk, the braiding, beautiful despite the tangles we weave.

  14. Jen, this truly is beautiful and touching and just what I needed after feeling like a bit of a failure yesterday. I'll join you in this prayer. Thank you!

  15. Beautiful post, beautiful prayer.

  16. This is so beautiful. I don't think anyone ever forgets a mom's loving touch. It is the closest thing to God

  17. Beautiful Jen - you captured what I often feel in the midst of mothering, but must trust God knew what He was doing when He gave my children to me and me to them.

  18. What a beautiful post, Jen! And more great comments today about your Praise Him with Dance artwork gracing our ballroom!
    Love to you,

  19. I have two wavy haired boys. I don't braid their hair. But still the weaving of hearts. The momma's love is there. This is beautiful.

  20. I'm always so grateful for the chair I pull up here! And this weaving you do--with your children, with these hearts here--what a beautiful pattern it keeps growing into.

  21. this is just to my core beauty. love this. love your heart more. keep weaving.

  22. This is just lovely, Jen. Such sweet prayers to say over your girls - and over yourself, too. Thank you for this. And for all you do to encourage this circle of friends.

  23. What a beautiful expression Jen! Thinking of you today and praying God's blessings upon you.

  24. I used to braid my oldest girl's hair. But my youngest wouldn't sit still. But she asked me to braid it the other day (now she's 17), and I couldn't do it. My fingers wouldn't cooperate. I cried.

    Braid while you can, sweet mama. The days are short.

  25. Oh, this post pulls at the tangles in my soul! You are a poet. And your girls are blessed to have a mom seeking Him hard. Happy Valentine's Day!

  26. And now my sweet girl braids her own hair while the other, in her own home 3 miles away, braids her own sweet girl's hair. It seems like yesterday they were mine to weave that hair into halos. Enjoy the weavings.

  27. This is absolutely beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. I put braids in my daughter's hair almost every day and have since she was about 2. For whatever reason I found your site and this post this evening and it spoke to me. Thank you!


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