Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cultivate: Resolve

God clearly does not want me to forget my word for 2012 -- He has structured my entire Monday morning bible studies that I teach at my church around this word!  Since I've been writing about the theme of cultivation on Thursdays, I thought I would give you some of my teaching points that I used in my class.  After viewing the vlog, take a look at some of the reflection/sharing questions that we used during class).  Would love to hear your thoughts on what you would write on your rock in the comments.

Materials needed:  smooth river rock that is big enough to write a few words on, silver or black sharpie (depending on the color of your rock)

Journal Reflection:

Think back over the course of your life.  Think about the times you remember God showing up for you, preparing a way, fulfilling a promise, granting a miracle, etc.  Write about the event and then choose one or two words to write on the river rock that will remind you of His faithfulness.

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  1. God is showing up for me, now. I would write "Psalm 91" on my rock.

  2. A river rock is to appropriate. I would write: Remember, things take time.

  3. Oh, I love this. We have a basket of rocks on our table that represent answered prayers. My kids love to look at them as reminders of God's faithfulness. My rock today would read: God is here in the dark even when I can't see His face. An important reminder for my little community this week as we are burying a precious 16 yr old boy who died on an icy road on Monday. Life changes so fast. Glad God doesn't!

  4. I would write Romans 8:28. His way is not always my way, but it's most definitely the best way!

  5. I would write "Expect the Unexpected." God has wowed and overwhelmed time and time. His ways and thoughts certainly are higher than mine.

    Many blessings, Jen!

  6. I would write "11-13-05 - Marvin". The day my husband suffered multiple traumatic injuries. There was miracle after miracle that night. He survived and the trauma surgeons do not understand how.

    As a little girl I collected "pretty" rocks. I still pick up rocks. My favorite are the flat slate rocks from the southern shore of Lake Erie. Perfect for writing on.


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