Wednesday, February 22, 2012

how He always tips the scale to love

I'm guest posting today over at Healthy Spirituality, continuing my thoughts about giving up the scales that have kept me in bondage for quite sometime.  Here's a little teaser...
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Drawing a line in the sand wasn’t working.

And when she expected more harsh words or another “pat” on the rear, I instead scooped her up and held her, this six-year old body, in the same way you might cradle a newborn.  And I started to sing her favorite song while I carried her into my bedroom to sit in the rocking chair that was once my grandmother and my great-grandmother’s before that.

We rocked back and forth, her huddled against my chest, wrapped tight in a hand-made blanket that had come from my grandmother’s house.  We listened to the low creaking and we inhaled the scent of the loved ones since passed on, wrapped up tight in the love that has covered us many time over.

As I ran my hands, pressing flesh into the oak grains, as I curled my fingers around the chair’s arm, I imagined my grandmother’s hand upon mine.  A simple reminder those times I had drawn the line and my grandmother chose love instead of exerting power.  My grandmother, the one with the direct line to my heart, taught me the pull of unconditional love.  She taught me to see to the heart and not worry so much about demanding those things that just need time to grow.

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  1. i just this - so much.

  2. I was thinking that God was telling me the same thing to do with my grand daughter just this weekend....precious confirmation of His heart.....

  3. Hi Jen - wow, the ultimate love. I think our grannies certainly can teach us a thing or too. I miss mine terribly and she loved that way. Thanks for linking up Jen, I so appreciate it.
    God bless

  4. This really hit me hard when I read it the other day...I want to let love tip my scales.


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