Wednesday, February 1, 2012

when the garden is overrun


When the garden is overrun, even if it is full with a beautiful bounty, too much of a good thing can still be, well, too much.

I realized the other day that having so many things I could do -- all good things -- gives me such the adrenaline rush.  Sometimes it's hard to kick the habit, to leave the high, to slow down the race, to sit awhile.

But on Thursday, the day I take my sabbath while the kids are at school, I could feel beyond that addictive draw, the pulse that beat in my heart was rest.


And as I sunk into my chair, I buried my head in my book and when  my thoughts threatened to deviate from the storyline, I remembered His words to me:

You have permission not to think.

And so, I buried my head again and again.

I buried my head and tried to let my heart beat with the heart of God, when He rested that seventh day.

And finally I could read no longer and I took at the pencil set, gifted to my by my sweet husband for Christmas.  I tore off the plastic wrap and opened...

And the world of art laid out before me, a new playground each time on which to dance, a play with Jesus as He helps me overcome that which got to be to much.

And through the curves, He whispers.

I AM your hiding place.
same picture, but I love how the light plays on the girl
*original 9x12 on Bristol paper available for purchase.  


  1. I love it! Thanks for the reminder that it's okay to rest...Although in all honesty I'm much better than you are at it. I think we all just need the reminder that our worth is not in our list of things we checked off that day, but in who we are in our Creator.

  2. oh, how i love these words! love Him being my hiding place. my strong tower. the shelter under whose wings i find a strong, warm, secure place to huddle.
    yes, rest. the key for me--finding it even in the middle of all the noise. the middle of the chaos. the middle of people who always need. for sometimes there is no way to get away. and when i find Him there, even there, i know i have found my perfect rest.
    may He bless you this day, jen!

  3. Rest, not thinkinng, letting go, peace - all sweet gifts from our LORD, but why do they comes to us with so much difficulty in this world?

    Oh Lord, help us to experience your sabbath rest more and more in our everyday walk I pray in Yeshua's name.

    Thanks so much Jen for your beautiful arework, I love the lines and curves and the garden imagery, somewhere in all of that activity is a place of rest and shelter.

    Keep on resting in Him sister

  4. So glad that you took the time to play and draw, Jen, and then share with us. So lovely :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this picture of your feelings as you "rest" in Him. I'm so glad you took that sabbath rest. So many don't. God knows that we need it, too bad that many of us don't believe Him on this. Great art, great words!

  6. Thanks for stopping by...for some reason you comment did not show in the blog...I love the connected to the vine...where He has me...where I will learn that love the covers all...
    what a gift you have to express your relationship with Him through your art...such a blessing to all

  7. Awe, Psalm 32 ... reminding me of a song I love, - ...I will run to the hiding place, draw me ever closer to look upon your face, and I will run to the hiding place."

    Lovely drawing and meaning behind the picture.

    This sentence was the sweet punch-line to the ears of my heart:
    "I buried my head and tried to let my heart beat with the heart of God, when He rested that seventh day."
    Those words, that thought makes for a good habit to take over where the others (the unnecessary ones, even the 'good' ones take out of the steps where our Lord's heart beat for us is calling.)

    Thank you for this post sweet bloggy-friend <3

  8. I've so been in this place -- thank you for writing it:)

  9. it is so hard to empty the mind. my husband is always reminding me to do this, once in awhile. and when i finally do, i fall asleep because i realize how exhausted i am. "hiding place." thank you, jen, for ever pointing me there... you are a beautiful soul, sister. love you, e.

  10. LOVE this whole thing, Jen. And the picture? glorious! Congratulations on taking a true Sabbath. It is tough to do sometimes.

  11. I love your obedience and commitment to a day of rest, Jenn.

    Beautiful picture and wonderful post.

  12. Lovely picture...
    and I'm off to take a nap!
    (Thursday is my 'slow' day too...ahhh...)

  13. That is simply beautiful, Jen! I can picture myself sitting on that branch--just resting and taking in the beauty of His creation. Thank you for sharing it. :)


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