Wednesday, February 8, 2012

when your daughter gives you art lessons...

Hannah's masterpiece

Hannah woke up under the weather, so instead of heading to church, we spent the day at home, her giving me some art lessons.

Mommy's Masterpiece
What has your child taught you lately?

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oh -- and I wanted you to know...I'm guest posting over at Jennifer Lutiweiler's about why I run.  Want to read?  Click here.  Here's a little teaser:

I started running because my dad did. Watching him run, I was continually amazed by his strength and the ease of which he could put one foot in front of the other. It seemed like a feat that the likes of me could never master. When my dad worked at the University of Texas, he and a bunch of guys would go out at lunchtime under the grueling Texas sun and get about six miles under their belts at least three times a week.

Growing up, each summer we went to the beach to visit my grandmother. And almost every afternoon, my dad would go out and run on the beach. When I got in middle school or high school, sometimes I would ask to go with him, even though we both knew I couldn’t keep up. At that point in my life, I was overweight and had never had much in the way of athletic tendencies. And yet, he always said “yes” and would slow to my turtle-like pace for however long I could endure.


  1. love this! both are just fab :)

  2. so sweet...another artist in the family for sure:)

  3. She is definitely a budding son made my blog button...he isn't as confident as your daughter though. He's such a's maddening!

  4. Lovely art :)
    And I will be back to read the whole post on your running ..
    The teaser was interesting ...

  5. She's got talent.....only up from here....I love your running story because it reminds me that as parents we always need to slow down so our kids can keep up with us.......

  6. Beautiful.Fruit has fallen far from the tree.
    My college age daughter has taught me to step outside my comfort zone.

  7. Oh, I've got a few budding artists at my home that would LOVE to join forces with your daughter. I love how we can see glimpses of their gifts long before God reveals just how He plans to use those talents. Yesterday, I learned what the Word has to say about bed head from my five year old :) Shared about that at the Overflow today if you're curious. Thanks for sparking my reflections with your sweet post.

  8. Hannah draws better than I do. :-) I need art lessons from her.

    I'm afraid my child is teaching me that she's learned too much from me. When I see the brazen side of me in her, I cringe at what I've done. :-( Praying God will continue working on both of us. Grace, Lord, please grace.

  9. She's a good teacher. You're a good learner.

  10. Cool! A pair of Valentinasauruses.

  11. Love that you pass your passions on to your kids. Love that you always tell me about the new links parties.


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