Friday, February 24, 2012

The wrong definition, but okay...

Funny that grit's the word of the day and I'm planning on cleaning my house today.

Mopping floors (well, at least sweeping them).
Dusting (at least the downstairs)
Putting things away (hopefully not just stuffing them in a closet)

I'm a person that really thrives in a clean house, but not such a nut that I actually dust my blinds at regular intervals.  I guess you could say, I'm comfortable with a small amount of grit, unless say, someone new is coming to my house and I feel that clean blinds would really impress them.

Then, I clean up THAT grit.

How often do I clean up my grit, spiritual and physical, for other people.  Not just for me?  Not just for my family?  Not just for my God?

Am I comfortable with a level of grit in my relationship with God?  Do I leave a layer of grime and figure, I'll just save that for another day?

"Create in my a clean heart, O God," runs through my mind.  What is that grit that I've pretended to overlook?  What is that grit that I look at say, "Everyone has that" just like I might say, "Who dusts their ceiling fans every week?"


(Okay, half way through writing this, I pause and think, grit doesn't necessarily mean grime and dirt, it's more about abrasiveness.  Oh well, no editing allowed!  Besides, dust can be irritating, yes?)

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  1. I love it, Jen, that we serve a God who is comfortable with our grit.


    ps. We have been well over a year in our apartment and I still have not cleaned the mini-blinds. Yikes.

  2. I'm visiting from The Gypsy Mama. Love your definition of grit... I'm like you, I thrive in a clean house. :-) Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. sigh. now you made me want to clean up... i hate when that happens :) great thoughts as always, friend :)

  4. We shouldn't settle for grit and yet so often we do. He wants to offer us so much more!

  5. ok, ok, I was procrastinating about cleaning today, then I read this. Guess I better get started or I may step on some grit on the floor and hurt myself. LOL

    Lent is a perfect time to think about the grit in our hearts and doing some cleaning there too. Good post and funny.

  6. Hmmmm, hadn't thought about how much grit I leave between me and God...
    Quite a bit, some days, I hate to admit. How much more difficult does that make my relationship to maintain? Good food for thought.

    Oh, just so you know you are not alone: I was just looking at the blinds in my hubbie's temporary work re-assignment digs last night, and thinking, "Oh, my those are really really dirty! Well, maybe I'll clean them before he is done here...."

  7. great post.. so easy to leave it for another day

  8. i love this...great job with the analogy...I can so relate and i don't dust the problem...i forget they are even there until we turn them on and a dust storm blows up:)...Blessings as you clean all the grit and grime

  9. Hi Jen - so true, I am also comfortable with a certain amount of grit! And even truer, we need to evaluate the our spiritual grit. Great post
    God bless

  10. I love your definition of grit. I could definitely do with a good heart clean up now and again.

    Thanks so much for popping in at my place today and your kind words:)

  11. I like what you have to say here, whether or not it's the correct use! I can relate! It really hits close to home. I clean the same way you do and I'm challenged to consider if that is how I treat my spiritual life, as well. Thank you for you words!

  12. I love how you used the term "grit" in regards to what you are dealing with or hiding from God. I too have a bunch of "grit" that I need to deal with. Praying that God cleanses us both.

  13. Thank you for sharing. This post is inspiring.

  14. Wow beautiful post. I actually held my breathe as I read this. God was really using you to speak to me. I sit here and think how often do I clean up my 'grit' for others to see and try to hide so much of it. I can hide nothing from Him. I come to Him broken and gritty. Thank you so much for this!!

  15. WHAT dust??? Oh, the "mellow patina" that sits on my blinds...
    You got me again, though, with the spiritual application. May I settle for nothing less than a clean heart.

  16. "Everyone has that.. " Hmm. . I think you might have entered my brain. I need to do some spring cleaning here Jen and I thank you for the reminder! Dust on the fans, dust in the heart. Amen.


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