Friday, March 30, 2012

The Gift: 5 Minute Friday

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The Valentine's Day list of names of children in her classroom comes home and I realize that the face I haven't yet met is still on the list but not in the class.  I wonder how she will get her Valentine's, if her mom will drive up to the school and fetch them, just like she probably does with other school materials that her daughter needs.
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One day, Hannah brings home a note from the school counselor, telling me that they will have a conversation in her kindergarten class about this friend who is finally well enough to be on the list and in the classroom.  She's going to learn a bit about what this little girl has been through as she's faced a big disease.  They will chat about being sensitive to her needs and how to include her into their already tight-knit groups.

Hannah bounces home after school, "J is getting her port out over Spring Break so she can come to school!  She's bald and she wears a hat, but she's still beautiful!"

All week long, I hear about the port removal and the bald head and the fact that she is all better.  Hannah rattles off the ways that she's going to help her sweet new friend.  And I smile.

There is the gift -- she knows someone closely who has triumphed over cancer and she begins to realize that perhaps beauty is not in the length of hair, but in the depth of strength.

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  1. Just beautiful. Not just the story, but the way you expressed it so well in the five minute challenge.

  2. sweet...and yes..your daughter at such a young age to be able to understand the meaning of true beauty...such a gift. blessings~

  3. That is so beautiful and touching. So glad that your daughter can appreciate that, and I am sure that you have helped her to appreciate the strength.

  4. Jen, this is beautiful, well done!

  5. What a sweet post and so touching. In a world that screams beauty is the way you look how heart-warming that your little girl sees her friend that way. You are doing a great job, momma. Children do as they see.

  6. "beauty is not in the length of hair, but in the depth of strength." Oh, Jen, your post made me cry. It's beautiful.


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