Friday, March 9, 2012

outta gas

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5 Minutes on the word EMPTY:

I'm on the way home from the grocery store and as I wait for my garage door to rise, the light on the dashboard pops on.

I groan because I was supposed to get gas while I was out at the store and now I'm sitting on almost-empty.  Unwilling to unload the groceries and then get back in the car, I surmise that we can probably make it to swimming lessons and then to the gas station before we run out completely.  Because of my own empty tank, the one that resides in this physical frame of mine, I am willing to take this risk.

How often do I pull into my own house and just as I set about to do all the things that I need to do there:  the cleaning, the loving, the folding, the disciplining, the patting, the keeping-of-my-temper-in-check, my own gas light goes on, telling me that I forgot to refill?

How often do I take the risk to continue on, to run off fumes, to just get by, and fingers-crossed-hope that I make it until I can get to the filling station -- that place where there is quiet, where I can lay down burdens, lay down work, lay down self-driven goals?

I take the risk too often and then I'm stranded on the side of the road.  Stranded with nothing left to give and a shame-filled face because I did something stupid like forget to fill up my gas tank.

So, what's a girl to do but walk to the source and fill 'er up?  What's a girl to do, but learn her lesson and learn it well?  What's a girl to do but remember what it's like to be filled?

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  1. I too run on fumes and take that risk too often...then all those other things, the disciplining ,the keeping my tempter in check...they don't work well. Thank you for stopping by. I love your blog design!

  2. Jen, we just may be kindred spirits. I am so that girl who calculates how much further I can make it until I fill up the gas tank. I loved the analogy you shared today. So, so good!

    ~Kelly (

  3. Oh I try to run on fumes all too often. Running with you to the Source to fill back up!

  4. Great post - it is a beautiful analogy!!

  5. did a great job here...oh yes...running on fumes...sputtering through the day...if only we would fill up first...
    Blessings as we go fill our tanks:)

  6. And just like a car, we don't perform our best when we are running on fumes. Great analogy!

  7. Indeed, what's a girl to do but learn and forge on? I know exactly how much longer I can keep the car going before hitting crisis mode...and I prove it often! However, I very often miscalculate how close I am to my own sputtering-to-a-stop point!

    Loved this analogy. Have a great weekend!

  8. what a great reminder to refill before I'm totally on empty...why is this so hard to do?...

  9. I love how you connected our empty fuel tanks to the empty spiritual tanks we sometimes run on ~ only to find ourselves wondering why I didn't take the time to fill up!

    Great post!

  10. Jen, I know we're not suppose to tap the tank or overfill it, but isn't it amazing how good we feel when we are completely filled, overflowing with his sweet presence? I thoroughly enjoyed this post, because far to often I find myself on empty as well. Just curious, would you classify God as Self Service or Full Service? Something to think about ;)

    1. Wow - what a question. I would say full service, but we have to be willing to drive to the station. He is everything.

  11. love the analogy. so true for me.
    thanks for the sharing!

  12. I am truly spoiled ... my husband keep my car filled with gasoline for me. I hope you get some sweet moments of rest this weekend.


  13. I came so close to running out late one night because I was just not paying attention. We were out in the country, and as we started home, I realized how little gas we had. I have no doubt God was watching over us that night, as we hit a station minutes before they closed, and our little dash reader had said we had 2 miles left in our tank....

    Wouldn't that be great if we had little indicators that not only told us but our families how low our spiritual and love tanks were getting? That would be so handy!

  14. Great words. Sometimes we "run out of gas" because we neglect to keep it filled with His Word. It's there for us at no cost and the supply is always readily available. Blessings!

  15. I so related to this post. I've been living on fumes for so long, it's hard to remember when I last filled up. Slowing getting back to that "gas station" for a refill.

  16. Fill me up! High octane, please. : )

  17. loved this.... and I can soo relate :)

  18. I can identify with this, keeping going on empty until I splutter to a halt. A good reminder to me to stop and refill this evening!


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