Thursday, April 26, 2012

Announcement and Invitation

No, I'm not getting married and inviting you to my wedding (my daughter points out that I've already done this.  One man is clearly all I can handle.)
And no, I am definitely not pregnant.

But, I am announcing a new series here at Finding Heaven and I am inviting you to be a part of it.

The idea came to me in the shower (of course) while I was lamenting all the things I'm not, all the things I didn't get done today, all the words that I said and shouldn't have.  You see, in the process of all this whining, a single word flashed up on that shower wall inside my head:

And then I thought, I really need to break this tape.

It's a tape (seems like I should say playlist on my iPod, but that just doesn't seem to have the same effect) that I seem to slip in anytime I start to feel less than.  One little disappointment and I wind up buried under heaps of never-measure-ups.  But I don't want to apply grossly broad adjectives to one tiny section of my life, especially when there are things like grace and forgiveness that are clearly within my reach.

I want to break the tape and find a new song.

What about you?  Is there a word that flashes in your mind that you know is a not an adequate descriptor of you or your life and yet you imbibe it like there is nothing else left to drink?

I'm sure many of us have the same words and we could all use drinks from the Living Water to refresh our souls, flood our hearts, and keep those barren, desolate places at bay.

So here lies the invitation:  Will you play your new song for us, the one which you have recorded on top of that ugly word that tries to sear and pierce your heart so that we might know a new song, too?

In plain English:  Will you tell us the word or the lie that you so often have repeated to yourself and then tell us how God has replaced that word with new words, full of truth?

I will be running these stories beginning the first Wednesday of May and then each Wednesday after that until all our stories have been told.  The series name?  Break the Tape

Wanna declare your truth?  Lead our choir in a new song?  Drop me a line in the comments or send me an email.  Can't wait to chat.

(Also, silent auction still going on here!  Will you check it out?)


  1. Fun!...I have several words...let me narrow it down to one...

  2. Yes! I will email you! Great idea!

  3. You know I will!!! This is a very inspired idea...can't wait to read everyone's Truth over the lies!!!

  4. This is splendid!! I am in... and already have an idea ;-) Thanks for the inspiration, Jen! You rock!

  5. Jen--my word (words) is/are 'false responsibility.' Seems like when I am prayed for by someone the Holy Spirit most often points this particular glitch out to me. I have let the Enemy falsely convince me--what? that I have the power to change Me? Uh, no?
    Most recently in New Orleans, I had a prayer again and a special word to confirm what God's been saying "Don't be too hard on yourself. Trust and Rest. Trust and Rest."
    That's what I ask Him constantly to remind me of. HE is in charge of the changing and the growth.
    Awesome idea! yay!

  6. I have done this long ago... as a six year old when I found Jesus... I gave up sadness and sorrow and names the enemy would like me to believe, and though in the world we will have tribulation, behold! Jesus has overcome the world... my one Word has been just that, 'Jesus', when whispers come by for me to claim that were never meant for me... I just call out Jesus and He shows me a way through and I am able to highly exalt Him... I write about my favourite things , thinking on those things that are lovely...and honourable, and pure... and of a good report...
    It has been a process of renewing the mind with the truth that God has for us.
    I love your idea here and know God can replace what the locust has devoured so that we may see ourselves as God sees us... beloved in Him
    lovely post!

  7. My lie is that for everything I've done or gotten wrong, I should have known better and God is not happy with me. I know I belong to Him, but I tend to see Him standing with arms crossed and withholding blessings from me and those I love as a consequence of my actions.

    The new words? There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Jesus is not scowling at me.

  8. Oh, girl. Every Wednesday night after I come home from being The Pastor's Wife, the Bible Study Leader, and The Piano Player/Singer in the praise band I have a crisis of inadequacy. Every. Stinking. Week. I had one last night, as a matter of fact. My husband just sits tight and lets me have at it until I'm done ranting about how inadequate I am for all those roles and how I wish I were this or that, which clearly, I'm not. So, yes, I will pray on this and think because you have challenged me to not only "stop it, girl!" but find something to replace this rant with.

  9. Jen, this is fantastic! I would be thrilled to send you a new song! I don't see your email anywhere, so you can reach me at hispenonmyheart (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  10. Jen this is exactly what God has been dealing with in me this week!!! How faithful He is not to have me let it go and bury it once again! I'm still working on what the new tape will say, and would love to share it when I finally arrive there.

  11. I say a big AMEN to Gabby's comment often feel like that. SO the song that plays in my head a lot is....I can't do this....I can't teach my children, I can't keep my house clean and organized, I can't help that I lose my temper when my kids make the same mistakes over and over. I can't meet all the need of the ladies at church, I can't get over the death of my baby, I can't forgive those that have over looked my pain, I can't except God's plan for my life if it includes suffering.....Here is my new song... I CAN do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.Philippians 4:13

  12. Interesting idea! Can't wait to tell my story, hear others' and be inspired by them.

  13. Break the tape. I love that, Jen. Yes, I have a word and would certainly being willing to share.

  14. Since something immediately came to mind...(I can't believe I'm saying this)...count me in. I love your shower thoughts...and you!

  15. All my best ideas come to me in the shower.

    I'm looking forward to this, Jennifer. Awesome idea.

  16. I want to do this. Let me think of the best (or worst, ugh) word. It may come to me in the shower. :) I think that may be called a "think tank" for a reason! Especially for moms!

  17. This is such a fantastic idea Jen, and surely inspired. Bless you for it! I'm going to have to pray and think about it. :)

  18. Jen this is powerful. When I was on the retreat last March and at the closing where everyone shared something about their time there, over and over again I heard the message they didn't think they were enough. The striving to perfect themselves so God would love them instead of the loving acceptance that God offers. We all need to hear this message. You have a special ministry here, not only for you but for many people. Can't wait

  19. Jen, so glad to know someone else has lots of thoughts while in the shower. I love it because I am guaranteed of 10 minutes of uninterrupted thinking, well, most of the time that is anyway.
    I don't know the word that comes to mind for my flawed thinking, other than maybe self absorbed? But for my truth, my mantra for the last year or so has been "Is He Enough?" Is His approval, His audience, His love, alone, enough and that usually pulls me out of whatever self- loathing I have going on. :)

    Love this post!

    1. I should add that the question "Is He Enough' -- I first heard it from someone who was referencing the study 10 Lies Women Believe and the one lie is that He is not enough. Was very powerful for me and when I find myself asking God are you whatever situation, peace and clarity come and I find myself re-centered.
      I too want to break the tapes!

  20. Sounds like a God-inspired idea to me, Jen...funny, I was catching myself today, and realizing I need to stop telling myself this....there are various tapes, but God is making me aware of them, which is the first step...Look forward to reading all the tapes being broken...

  21. My tape: I don't have time, it's not yet time, or I'm not gifted enough. I'm breaking the tape!

  22. I found you on another blog hop, Tell Me a Story. Our family is a transition right now and our new blog name and theme reflects that Failed Missionaries, living faith filled lives. We started to go overseas and thought we were ready but God said nope and shut the door. Through the last year as traumatic as it has been at times, it has strengthened our faith not killed it and so we keep writing and living for it has changed us. My husband explained it best in this post on our blog.

  23. Oh Jen, I love your heart-- and I am so grateful for the community you've created here. I would love to share/ contribute to the Break the Tape series, with a post. Bless you!


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