Sunday, April 22, 2012

Julia, the Crawfish: A Critter Invasion

I'm just going to apologize right now.  I know.  It's a scary picture.  But do you know what is even scarier?

This thing lives in my house in a little plastic container.  Furthermore, my youngest carries it around with her wherever she goes.

She's been asking for a crawfish for a pet for about 3 weeks now.  I blame my neighbor's daughter.  Actually, I should just blame my neighbor.  But, alas, how was she to know that a crawfish could survive in a small tub of water, with only grass and roly polies to eat for 3 WEEKS?

I confess -- I secretly hoped that my husband would *forget* to keep a crawfish out for his darling daughter and that they would all go into the huge vat of boiling water.

He didn't forget.

He didn't forget because he knew the desires of his little girl's heart.

And this simple act of indulging Hannah with something that pleased her beyond measure reminds me of how my Heavenly Father loves to give good gifts to His daughters, too.  This act reminds me that He knows my heart.  This act reminds me that He wants me to be overwhelmed by His lavish love.

Trust in the LORD and do good;
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture
Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm  37: 3-4, NIV

Whatever is good and perfect comes from our God our Father, who created all the lights in the Heavens.  He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.
James 1: 17, NLT



  1. you are a very tolerant mom - not sure I would handle that pet very well...beautiful lesson, though, of the Lord giving us the desires of our heart. Maybe the next time I pray for something I want I'll say, "Lord, this may look like a crawfish to You, but..." Thank you!

  2. Wow... you are a good mama... I had to find new homes for all of our critters... and we had quite few :) This makes me think of the verse... ""Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead?" or in this case a crab like creature :)

    So fun! Blessings to you...

  3. Love the name. Of course, I might be a bit partial ;)

    Isn't it funny how God uses things like crustaceans to remind us how good he is, and how he longs to be gracious to us.

  4. Who but God could even think of a crawfish? He must be smiling because Hannah wanted one. She knows a gift when she sees one. :)

  5. I chuckled big time. And wasn't scared by the photo. I WAS surprised that it was your daughter that wanted it for a pet and not a running-around, jumping-in-and-out-of-bushes-and-streams boy.

    It did make me remember how much I wanted turtles and how much I've loved frogs... and goldfish. I'd still do it today, but my g-kids would roll their eyes at the crazy g-ma too often. Maybe there will be some when I get to Paradise; that would make me happy. Especially if there were sweet cats there that wouldn't eat the frogs, and turtles, and goldfish. We could all enjoy each other.

    See? You got my brain moving along rather rapidly and I included my fingers drumming through this comment stretch. Oh, well...

  6. haha. so glad she has found a home with you...and not with me :)

  7. Today in church we read about God's extravagant love for us and I had images of water splashing over the sides of a bucket. But now? Now I will think of crawfish, instead. :)

    (Not too many words at all.)

  8. Thank you I really need to hear this. After a big trial it is easy to forget that God has GOOD plans for me.

  9. I don't know if ....well, I probably would have let Marcus keep it. I love seeing the joy in his face.
    A lovely message to keep this and everyday!
    What a blessing to wake up and welcome another day! Thank you Heavenly Father!

  10. Such a sweet story! Thank you for reminding me how well He loves me.

  11. How great the Father's love for us!

  12. sweet story. . . but there's something about those eyes. just a bit creepy :-)

  13. See, Jen, this wouldn't have come up at our house... It would never occur to us to bring those "swamp roaches" home, to eat OR to keep as pets!
    But... you go, Hannah!
    I'm off now to admire some of the quirky-but-welcome gifts God has lavished on me. Thanks for the reminder!

  14. Yes, I went "ugh!" when I saw the crawfish. I am so glad our girls never wanted any pets other than a cat or dog! I had relatives who had snakes and rats. Ick.
    Like you, they were parents who moved out of their comfort zones for the sheer love of their children.
    What a sweet gesture!

  15. I thought you were going to talk about dissecting things for school! lol Glad to hear your sweet girl got her heart's desire. Years ago, my son prayed and prayed for a turtle, and we were astonished when a teeny one waltzed into our front yard. We named him Samuel, because "God heard" our son's prayers!

  16. What a wonderful lesson and how God takes pleasures in even the ugliest pets! LOl. I pray our lives give HIm pleasure!

  17. Oh my word...I am cracking up! Only because I understand, of course! haha :) Logan is begging for a bird now. I guess I should be grateful.

    Thankful that God knows our hearts' desires, no matter how strange they may seem to others :)


  18. Oh heavens...what a sweet daddy and a mother with endurance! But the I love the allegory of our Heavenly Father desiring to give us good gifts. Wonderful words you've shared here.

  19. Ok, please do not tell your little one, but I thought this was a plate with a cooked crawfish on it. What can I say? One track mind when it comes to these little critters! But I'm glad you let your girl have her fun. (How long can they live?? she asks, unknowingly).

  20. I cannot believe that thing is still alive. Hannah is a sweet little girl. She saved one of Gods creatures from a fiery death.


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