Saturday, April 14, 2012

longing for fruit

Sometimes the fruits are so hard to see.
They remain hidden, blending into the background,
easy to be missed if I don't look for them
with intention.

Today, I must be intentional.
I must cling to the hope that there is fruit,
that the hard work will bring new life,
that the tilling and the toiling,
the fertilizing and the weeding,
will bring growth and harvest.

And not just in my garden,
but in the hearts of my children.

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  1. yes, I hear you, it is always first and far most on a Momma's brain isn't it? This is a responsibility the Lord has placed on us when he gave us these little souls. I pray we keep feeding them with what the Lord would have us do. Have a great day!

  2. Oh sister YES! I am hoping for fruit someday too!!! Love my visits here!

  3. SO true, thanks for the encouraging word.

  4. This puts things into perspective. Sometimes we do want to see the immediate results, but every thing has a time and season. Thanks for the reminder

  5. I've learned of so many great link up parties from you this week! :) Writing a post tonight on just what you are talking about here. In case you don't have time to stop by I'm writing about Isaiah 55:10-11. Take a look at that scripture when you have a chance. It has set me free in so many ways when it comes to the false lie of having to bear my own fruit or seeing fruit to believe there's fruit. Blessings!

  6. Ah, yes, so much of parenting is planting seeds and praying that the Son will grow them. So hard to keep sowing when the fruit is tough to see. Keep planting, friend. You are without a doubt a fruit-bearer!

  7. If only we can remember that God is engineering imperceptible growth from the seeds we sow...

    So glad you linked. :)

  8. Sometimes it is difficult to see fruit (in our own life or our kids) because we are so close to it. I always enjoyed having sweet friends in my life, who would help me see when my kids where growing and changing.

    Fun seeing you all over the Ultimate Blog Party.

  9. The longing that never really ends...even when they walk in and out your door all grown-up. Even then you still be watering, looking and longing for fruit. Never easy but a beautiful calling that reflects the Master Gardener's work in us over a lifetime of breathing earth's air.

  10. Amen. He is faithful to continue the work he began and we must be faithful to notice.

  11. I am thankful to read this today. I feel this way not only in motherhood but in leadership as well. I needed that reminder to hold on and to do that hard work.
    Came by way of Jumping Tandem today :)

  12. Can't say much more than "AMEN"... this is filled with Truth.

  13. To be intentional also means for us to be open and to listen with discerning ears, your children will grow and do well, from a grandma of six and mother of two who are now 'wonderful adults'.

  14. I need to be more intentional about being intentional. That word has been almost ever-present with me the past few years.


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