Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Ultimate Blog Party - Hello, New Friends!

My name is Jen and I am so much better at introductions when people are asking  me questions.  But if you are new to Finding Heaven, I do want to tell you a bit about me so that we might get to be friends in this big blogging world.

My passion in life is community, which is surprising since I am an introvert.  I love to write and I (still get nervous when I) speak/teach but if you asked me my title, I'd say I'm a community builder.  I love Jesus and I love to see how He moves within the Bible study that I teach at my church and the online community that He has given me here at Finding Heaven called Soli Deo Gloria. Check out the link and then consider this your personal invitation to join us Monday evenings - Wednesday late night for the Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood party.  In addition to the link-up, we also pray for each other.  If you are interested in being a part of our prayer request family, just let me know in the comments.  The exciting new thing is that we are about to have Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood small groups, but no one knows yet so there aren't any details.  Stay tuned... 

Quick Jen facts (& some corresponding posts if you have a few moments):

1.  I love to run.  I can't say that I love marathons, but somehow I've run 2 anyway...and still survived (barely).
2.  I've struggled in my life with food addiction, eating too much to fill a void that which food can never fill. And then there's that shopping thing...
3. I read Charlie and Lola books to my kids in a really bad British accent.
4.  We recently rescued a German Shorthaired Pointer and I'm still mourning the loss of clean floors.  But he is really cute.
5.  My grandmother died two years ago Easter Sunday and I've spent a lot of time grieving out loud here simply because I feel like our culture says grief must end within a time period of two weeks or so.  So, I tried to be authentic with my own so that people wouldn't feel alone. 
6.  I'm currently hooked on Hanging with Friends on my iPhone.  Ever since they put in that little star challenge thing, I feel like I. Must. Play. More.  Clearly, you might surmise I'm a little competitive...
7.  Speaking of iPhones, God taught me a big lesson with mine.
8.  I'm planning a retreat (never done this before) in Austin, Texas.  Wanna come?
9. Blogger's random spacing and my inability to read HTML makes me absolutely crazy.

Can't wait to get to know YOU better!


  1. i bet my charlie and lola voice is as bad as yours :) love finding out these little facts about you :)

  2. Stopping by from the UBP 2012! Although, I follow your lovely blog already! Have fun at the party.

  3. Love it!! Love the community you have built here. So, so welcoming...

  4. Jen, stopping by from partying to meet you in your own space! Thanks for stopping by my place -- I'm going to be following you from now on -- so a little advice on what grandmas and great-grandmas should/shouldn't do in spoiling the kiddos might be useful. :)

    Sherrey at Not Just A Name

    1. Hey Jen! It's Ashley from Immeasurably More. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I'm glad you enjoyed it. You have a very nice blog as well and I just love the artwork at the top of your page. I'm now gladly following along with you!

  5. I hopped over from the party. What a great place you have here. Sounds like somewhere I'd like to spend some time. I "liked" you on FB and I followed you on Networked blogs. I'd love to stay connected.

    Many blessings to you!

  6. Always nice to come to a party and find a friend.

    ps. I LOVE charlie and lola.

  7. I resisted getting an iPhone for a really, really, really long time, for some of the reasons you mention. I won't even allow myself to begin to play games. Too. Much. Temptation!

    Thanks for stopping by at my place with your kind words. Enjoy the party!

  8. Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. It is so nice to meet you today! This list is a great way to introduce yourself - and yes, blogger's 'random spacing' makes lining up text a bit of a pickle :-)

  9. Hi, Jen!
    I loved learning about you. I'm not a runner yet, but I'm working on the c25k app and I don't hate it! Although I joke about chocolate, Made to Crave is something I teach online and in my church small group and the accountability helps me so much.

    I hope you have a great party!

  10. Okay - 1) Wow--- I can't believe we both have the same word! That is awesome! :)
    2) Yes-- I want to be in the Soli Deo Gloria community, and I have for a while, but was too .... shy. I guess. Or didn't want to just barge in uninvited (even though I read the parts that said "if you are reading this consider this your invitation." ) because I am a really big introvert too.
    3) Yet-- I am the community coordinator for Must Love God. God is doing similar funny things with us. :)
    4) My youngest son was born two years ago on Easter. I am so sorry that one of the happiest days of my life will be forever tinged with sadness for you. *hugs*
    5) I wish I could hug you in person, and sit drinking tea/coffee or something else -- because I just KNOW we would connect on a soul deep level.

    I think that is all for now.

  11. Lovely, lovely...!
    Will be so fun one of these days to get together face-to-face. Can't make the retreat, but we're already planning our Spring Break trip to Austin for 2013!
    We have much in common:
    1. love to run. best God-time ever. barely survived 3 marathons. I think I'm done with that now.
    2. struggled with food addiction in the form of anorexia/bulimia/exercise addiction...thus why I'm done with marathons.
    3. I don't really read to my kids at all anymore; taught the older ones to read, and now they do all the reading to the younger ones!
    4. ummmmm...nothing in common here. don't have a dog; won't ever have a dog. seven kiddos offers me more than enough slobbering, pawing, and pooping.
    5. my GrandPop died 21 years ago and I still mourn his loss. my husband recently broke the carafe of the coffee-pot GrandPop gave me, and I nearly came unglued. not sure the grieving ever ends, when the love is strong!
    6. I don't. do. iPhones.
    7. generally speaking, all these "i-gadgets" give me the heebie-geebies. I don't really need any more "I" in my life, y'know?
    8. wish, wish, wish I could be there!!
    9. blogging lately just makes me feel tired. Takes so. much. time. Ugh. Maybe I'll just be a professional "reply-er"...

  12. Thanks for a fun visit for the Ultimate Blog Party. My kids, grandkids, and I are thoroughly enjoying the Words with Friends game apps. Fun, keeps us connected in more ways than one, and EXCELLENT brain food AND exercise. :) Have a blessed week.

  13. I committed to visiting bloggers on UBP12 in order. I kept seeing your picture at number 35 and thinking, "Oh, I really want to go see Jen!!!" I stuck it out and made it to 32 last night, enjoying every blog along the way. This morning, I finally made it! I am so happy to be here and learn something new about you! Thank you for all you do to draw women into community. You are such a blessing to the blogworld! See you Tuesday. (I think I'm already a follower, but I'll make sure today!)

  14. Hello Jen! I'm an introvert too, so I can totally relate. I love my iPhone and can no longer imagine life without it. I just downloaded hanging with friends. I love words with friends. I look forward to getting to know you!

  15. Hi Jen,
    It was fun to see a familiar face on the UBP. Your planning a retreat. How cool is that? Unfortunitely, I'm way up here in Minnesota. Have fun blogging.

  16. Thank you for stopping by from UPB12! Grief takes much longer than two weeks. Much longer. My grandmother died on Good Friday so for me it is different to think about in relationship to Jesus. Your grandmother's pictures show her love for life and her smile is simply precious!

  17. I'm a new folower...on my tour of UBP sites. Your site looks honest and interesting. I totally identify with your #9! God bless you

  18. I have seen your button around! I have been wanting to visit your place and get to know you a bit :)

    It is nice to meet you... I am here from UBP12

  19. Hey! I have been here a lot before and am a subscriber to your blog, too! Thanks for following mine and hopping over from UBP.

    Happy Sunday and God Bless!

  20. Hi Jen! My kids are hugs fans of Charlie and Lola too! I'm popping by from UBP2012 to say hi!

  21. Stopping by from the UBP to say HI!


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