Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Wallflower

beautiful photo by Jody Collins
Everyday You ask me.
Everyday, you quietly approach, Your hand extended.
You ask me to dance with You.

I hadn't realized Your perseverance until the day came
when the music suddenly became too loud,
the lights from the disco ball infiltrated my eyes
and I was lost on this dance floor of life,
overwhelmed and abandoned.

But You came still, even though I had started to move
without You.
You still picked me.
I tried to look at my feet to make sure my steps were sure,
but You whispered:
Just look into my eyes.
Eyes locked on Yours, how could I go wrong?
This floating, cascading, iridescent feeling
of being captivated by
The Most Holy One,
spun around gracefully on the dance floor.

The music stays the same, the decibels remain
but I'm transfixed by Your movement
and the power to save that resides in Your arms.
This welcome invitation to be swept up by You.
How could I have turned this down?

You dip me and I gracefully lean back,
taking in this stretch, the rest, this feeling of being held
and never dropped.
I love You, I whisper.
My Protector, my Strength, my King.
Who can satisfy like You?
No one else, nothing else
loves me like You.

But another day comes.
I sit on the edge of my bed and I see You coming for me
and yet...
I move on through the day.
Another day comes and I forget.
Another day comes and I forget.
Another day comes and I forget...
until I remember.
And I place myself by the wall,
a shy girl who thinks she's not going to be chosen again.
But You still come for this wallflower.
There is no place I can hide from You.

Everyday You ask me.
Everyday You quietly approach, Your Hand extended.
You ask me to dance with You.

And I will say, yes.


  1. Wow, this is so beautiful. You are precious in His sight.

  2. This is beautiful! And it resembles my story...these words, I can relate with.

  3. Hi Jen - such a lovely post.
    God bless

  4. YES... I want to say yes, too! Thanks for the reminder that we were made to dance :) with Him.

  5. Everyday He extends his hand awaiting the Yes... love this Jen.

  6. beautiful, jen. from one to wallflower to another. . . isn't His love amazing?
    love you so,

  7. wow This is gorgeous. I felt like I was dancing as I read it. wow

  8. Jen, I'm so grateful that He does extend Himself no matter what or where we are or have been, praise Him!

  9. Yes, Ma' can we keep forgetting? The Only Dance There Is.

  10. Praise GOD his mercies are new every morning. Another day, another chance.
    btw, wallflowers are actual flowers. you knew that, yes? I'll have to email you a photo.
    beautiful poem, Jen

  11. So beautiful how He keeps inviting us to dance with Him...beautiful, Jen...Happy blessed weekend to you and yours :)

  12. Beautiful poem... loved meeting you on Sunday's with Deidra

  13. Everywhere I look or listen this week, being satisfied with GOD the Groom Who comes and dances with his bride.

  14. This is so beautiful Jen. It spoke to my heart so. <3


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