Monday, June 25, 2012

are you God's favorite? and the Soli Deo Gloria Party

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a new perspective -- looking up under a blue spruce
I sit there stewing.
And replaying.
And trying to focus on worship instead of reliving that first publisher meeting. 

But I cannot let it go. 

But then, God interrupts my internal dialogue.

Babbie Mason, the worship leader at Speak Up, stars talking about the day that she figured out that she was God’s favorite.

My head snaps up.

She reads John 17:23 out loud because I’m sure she knows there are some of us out there that need more than just a little convincing. 

Are you like me?  Would you need convincing?
“I in them and you in me.  May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”
And in that moment, I have clarity.

I realize that all my life, I have tried to be the favorite.  But I’ve been seeking the wrong audience.  I’ve been chasing after the world’s applause.  I’ve been aspiring for the world’s attention.  I’ve wanted to be the world’s favorite.

I’ve tried to be God’s favorite, too.  I’ve tried to earn His applause by striving and building and learning.  I’ve jumped into the waters of baptism and shuffled through the Refiner’s fire. 

But it’s a funny thing, this striving.  I’ve been striving for something that existed before I was born.  His love for me was present before my presence on this world ever came to fruition.

I am His favorite because I am, not be cause I am _________________________.

Tell me, Do you see the difference?

Right there in John 17, Jesus tells me that God loves me just as much as He loves Jesus, His Son.  I think Jesus ranks up there as favorite, don’t you?

It seems nearly impossible.  Could I ever love a child more than I love my own?  I don’t know.  That would require some thinking, I suppose.

But God doesn’t have to think about it.  He doesn’t have to weigh my merits.  He doesn’t have to see if I’ve done enough or said enough or repented enough.

He doesn’t have to think about it – He simply loves.
are your eyes on the star?
As much as He gives to His Son, He gives to us.

It feels like finding riches, this feeling of being favorite.  My highest aspiration achieved, and yet I am not tired.  I am not weary.  I am not concerned about measuring up.

Because no matter what I do, this love remains unchanged.  I cannot gain it.  I cannot lose it.

It just is.

I wonder, Do you think of yourself as God’s favorite?

Tell me, Do you think about how He loves you best?

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  1. Lovely Jen, it is definitely finding riches :)

  2. I haven't thought about being God's favorite, yet He loves all of us equally. He chose us before the foundation of the earth. That's pretty amazing!


  3. Yes, it is mind boggling to think that He loves us as much as the Son. It is so freeing too. Thanks for this!

  4. Adore this. I have a very dear friend who often tells me...I think you are God's favorite. She knows my heart. She knows I be someone's favorite...and it turns out...I already was.
    It's a most beautiful thought.

    Also...I am ready to join a small group! Finally back to blogging and all the fun that comes with it! <3

    Love to you sweet Jen.

  5. I timely word in a needful moment . . that is God loving you. Thankful for the revelation He gave you Jen, that you shared it here.

  6. This is beautiful and much-needed encouragement. I, too, have a need to be favorite and I never am. But really, I am the favorite of the One who matters most. So awesome and humbling. Thank you for these beautiful words.

  7. This post reminds me of the verse, "I have loved you with an everlasting love..." We are His treasures. I too often seek praise from a worldly audience, when I should be seeking His praise. Thanks for this reminder.

  8. really, i don't ever think about being favored by god. tolerated, maybe. this is a great post.

  9. Loved this as I do all your posts! :)

    I'm trying to comment on many posts here and NONE of them will go through. Let's see if you get yours. . .

  10. Beautiful insight and lovely star! I am the one on my face at His feet, ever so thankful not to be tossed out of the room...

  11. Jennifer--I love the hollyhock picture--I've never seen the star in the middle. Reminds me that I need to look and think differently------just like your reminder here.

    It's so great of God to use ALL of our lives--the grit and the glory--to point to Him when we're listening.

    bless you!

  12. This has been a journey for me...but God’s love won...I can do nothing to earn or lose His love...nothing like holding a new born...all the love is there...this little one has done nothing...just because he/she is pours forth...nothing done to earn it...we are that little baby...born of God...and all His love was there from the beginning. I love this post...just so very encouraging...blessings from one of His favorites to another glad His heart is so big to hold all His favorites:)

  13. I know He loves me...and I feel so loved by Him and so special...and sometimes I know and believe He's crazy about me until something happens that reveals and betrays flaws in my faith, chips in my Armour... doubts in His love. is usually during these times where He instructs, lifts, guides and gently corrects my lapse.
    Grateful for His grace. WOw, that picture is something! Wow. Jen, not sure if I know how to do this link up regularly (details ) ...but sure love your place, heart and art. Love visiting and now I am getting your posts regularly so will familiarize myself and not be a stranger! In His Grace, Dawn

  14. God treats us all as favorites and showered forgiveness, mercy and blessing on us without partiality. There are times I feel like I must be the step child, but then I remember that he loved me enough to send Jesus to die for me. I am his favorite

  15. I was thinking @ you at the conference, and praying...what a deep and wonderful insight from God to touch your heart...what a gift, and then you shared with us...Thank you! And that flower...oh my! need to ponder the favorite part... xo Jen :)

  16. He loves me because I am. Period. Nothing more is needed. Now that just takes my breath away, Jen. I am so glad you were given this gift at the conference so you could share it as well with each of us. What a lovely treasure with which to begin my day! <3

  17. "I am His favorite because I am" Why is that so hard to remember?? We make it harder than it needs to be. I want to rest in this truth today. Thanks, Jen.

  18. Oh, yes, I sure do see the difference...and it changes everything. Instead of displaying intelligence or skill or beauty, I have to display holiness. I can do at least some of the first, but holiness...I must do that on my knees. That's probably the idea, isn't it?

  19. You are His favorite...and mine too!

  20. I've certainly felt favored by God--even when I least deserve it. Or maybe that's when I feel the most favored. That statement, "I am His favorite because I am" will stay with me. I love your writing style--always filled with take-away nuggets.

  21. I have always struggled with feeling like I have His favor, but like in this post, He always gently reminds me in some way that I am His, that I am a favorite because I belong to Him. I love this post and you do such a great job at inspiring and encouraging others with it, sweet blog friend!!

  22. I am His favorite just because I am. wow powerful reminder, Jen and one I will ponder and pray about today. I love your honesty and how you write!!

  23. Great post. Reminds me of that verse where Paul prays that we can comprehend the height and depth of God's love. It's overwhelming how He loves us.

  24. Thank you Jenn. Sometimes I think God can't love me. But He's amazing.

  25. Hmm, I never thought of that - what a great feeling. Even having read those passages, I missed the clear message. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Wonderful post & photo, Jen! Because He made each of us to be unique, created for His pleasure, each of us can be His favorite. He loves us infinitely, so He can't love us any more or any less, no matter how hard we strive or how far we stray. Thanks for hosting the linkup.
    God bless,

  27. It sounds like your experience was a good one, sweet friend. These things make us grow. I hear this, though. That striving...oh, so hard to let go. Love to you in this journey. So exciting to cheer you on the sidelines.

  28. Oh, this blesses me SO much! Thank you, Dear Jen, for faithfully sharing the insights you gain from our Savior.

  29. I love that feeling you get when you realize God has loved on you so much that you know you're His favourite. I never really understood that until I thought about how all my kids are my favourites - I can't explain to them how it is possible for me to think of each of them that way individually, and yet I do. As does He.


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