Friday, June 1, 2012

it doesn't matter how small

It's hard.
And it's not going as planned.
But I'm trusting.
And He is my confidence,
and my healer,
and my shoulder on which to cry.
(And I have cried a lot through this process)
And no matter the size or shape that comes from
this endless writing and rewriting,
fruit is born every day
inside of me,
inside of my  husband,
inside of us.
And for that,
I am

Sharing also with Michelle for Hear it on Sunday, Use it on Monday (even though I heard it on Friday).


  1. Oh, how I hear this one. I'm so behind on life and stuff but I want you to know how much I appreciate you, Jen. I missed the linky again but went ahead and linked anyway. :) That's just how life is going these days. Loving you from here, my friend.

  2. Oh, Jen, I remember crying buckets of tears as I prepared for my last writer's conference. The thought of putting our writing out there is overwhelming, not to mention the lists of "should dos and need to dos" that come with writing a proposal. You're so right, though, friend, no matter what happens-whether a publisher loves your idea or not- God will use your obedience and hard work to grow you in marvelous ways. I'm proud of you for going for it! And will hop off line right now and pray for you.

  3. I read this today in the Beth Moore book I'm reading - "Hopefully, we will come to understand that, in our Christian lives, success is obedience to God, no results we can measure." Amen!!

  4. Praying that you will find satisfaction and purpose in the PROCESS; that it will seem like less of a burden and more of an opportunity; that the Lord would calm your mind and give you His words.
    Also sending virtual hugs and Kleenex.

  5. AMEN!! He is IT... w/o His heart and hands, healing OUR heart and body, nothing would be worthy of life. [I need to keep that as a center of my focus!]

  6. mmm... loveliness ~
    confidence building..
    inspiriting ! TY! loved the photo verse

  7. He is the master Cultivator, and the fruit He desires to bring forth in our lives will always be the sweetest, even if the process is difficult.
    God bless,

  8. You're making me remember, and think: He may often intend the painful process less to produce a physical product than that inner fruit! Prayers for you.

  9. Hope you are ok. Your heart is inspiring and I am praying for you.

  10. What an encouraging verse and photo.

  11. Not going as planned. Hard--though we know His plan is always best. And in trusting that, the fruit continues to grow. Love the photo!

  12. What an amazing verse. Praying for ever-present trust!

  13. First, love the verse and the picture! Now, praying for you, sweet Jen, as God continues to do what He has planned. He is faithful and true and He never changes. Hold on, sister. He's got this, too. xoxo

  14. Lean on HIM who gives you strength, courage and boldness of heart.

  15. Excellent photo! Hard stuff is where He shows himself strong on your behalf. Praying for you ...

  16. so beautifully expressed,
    the pain of letting go while still opening wide
    to the nothing-is-impossible-ness of Faithfulness
    that is powerful and love and impossible to manage.
    We are still so clay and vapor
    and yet His grace is overwhelmingly enough
    and our surrender is strength in His tender hands.
    leaning into His big strong shoulders
    and for

  17. such faith to see what we cannot see, but long to see...praying you may sense His peace as you write...blessings, Jen :)

  18. That little bird with such questioning eyes. Just like us sometimes questioning our worth. I'm so thankful big names don't matter to God. If He wants it written it already has a place to be used.

  19. I don't know why it touches me so much that you chose to feature a tomato, but it does. Maybe because it's one of those fruits that most of us don't realize is a fruit for a long time. Maybe because it's so darn useful (fresh, sauced, diced, canned). Maybe because it just screams "summer."


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