Friday, June 22, 2012

never surrender

We haven't been defeated yet, babe.
We've face all kinds of flames and arrows,
but God has given us His weapons to wield.
And we will never surrender,
except to Him.

Happy 12th Anniversary, Husband.

Sharing also with Michelle for Hear it on Sunday, Use it on Monday (even though I heard it on Friday).


  1. Happy Anniversary! Love the photo!

  2. Yeah...happy Anniversary...keep surrendering to Him...and your marriage will continue to get better and better...I can say after 31 years of does get better with age. blessings to you both~

  3. Happy anniversary! What a great photo!

  4. Aww - cute picture! Happy Anniversary. Been thinking of you this week and hope it all ends on the most positive note!

  5. What a hoot! (The photo)
    What wise determination! (the text)
    Yes, it does pay off and yes, can "get better with age" as Ells said!
    Funny, how just before clicking your link, I was thinking how I and Husband said to each other last night, how glad we were that "we stuck together," and how that sometimes came just from dogged commitment --- and God. Worth it!
    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversary to a fun couple!

  7. Happy 12th anniversary. Hope you get to do something fun! Cute pic of you two.

  8. Happy Anniversary. May you celebrate the love in special ways. Great photograph. Thanks for sharing. Blessings on your weekend. Visiting from Sandra's today. Love the joy in this picture.

  9. ..."And we will never surrender,
    except to Him."

    A "victory" plan if ever I heard one!
    Happy Anniversary~

  10. Oh my! I love, LOVE this! Happy anniversary!

  11. Well, you made me chuckle. I loved this!!! [And glad you're loving it, too.]

  12. Cute picture! Happy Anniversary!

  13. marriage is such a refining fire, isn't it:)
    you two are beautiful!
    peace be the journey,

  14. Made me grin again when I pulled this up. Chuckling, laughing... joyful. Thanks.

  15. awesome picture, husband looks like he could be quite a character. That is fun, happy day with your man Jen!


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