Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Break the Tape: I Cannot Forgive

Welcome, friends, for today's edition of Break the Tape.  Essentially, our goal is to identify the lies that repeat themselves over and over again in our minds, break the tape that automatically begins plays when ever we feel we've fallen short, and learn a new song to sing in its place.  
Meet Cooking Up Faith.  Those three words are just the beginning of this sweet woman's blog.  Her heart has such far-reaching depths and you can tell from the moment your eyes meet her corner of the blogosphere.  She chooses her words wisely and they penetrate my heart almost every time I read them.  She is also the founder of A Meal in the Mail ministry, so be sure to jump over there to see how you can help.
The pain which comes from not forgiving someone is often worse than the pain caused by that someone in the first place. 

When we have unforgiveness in our heart, our mind dissects every little detail about that other person. What they did, why they did it, how they should be punished. The bondage of these thoughts is endless. And that's just what unforgiveness is...


Bondage of a broken record that keeps playing the tape of the other person's actions over and over and over. 

So how do we forgive someone who has hurt us so deeply, and worse, continues to do so? 
How do we break the tape of unforgiveness and be free to sing a new song?
 Maybe you have already figured it out. It took me many, many years. And I didn't actually figure anything out. The Lord showed me after I begged Him to tell me how to handle this person in my life. 
And here it is. The Word, the Truth, the Scripture which broke that tape...

For God has accepted them to be his children. They are God's servants, not yours. They are responsible to him, not to you. Let him tell them whether they are right or wrong. And God is able to make them do as they should. 
Romans 14: 4 (LBE)

Simply put, this person, their actions, their choices are not my responsibility. They do not belong to me.
They are God's responsibility, and He will handle that person and their choices accordingly

My tape is broken and the song I sing now is full of peace. 

I pray the same is true for you.

Please go visit Cooking Up Faith for more encouragement and to help with A Meal in the Mail!  You can visit by clicking here for her blog and here to find her on Facebook.


  1. Wow, great reminder this morning! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for this biblical and practical blog.

  3. I have long enjoyed this blog and her creative ministry.

  4. "Simply put, this person, their actions, their choices are not my responsibility." That's definitely what it comes down to!

  5. The hard part comes when this person is not my responsibility, but they are an undeniable, long-standing, part of my life. My God must be so BIG then.

  6. thank you for sending others her way, I am a reader of hers and we 'comment' back and forth and she is a powerful teacher and I love her site, good job.

  7. Thank you Jen for letting me be a guest here on your blog which God has used so much! Ladies, your comments have encouraged me!! Let's stay so strong in the Lord!


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