Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Break the Tape: I've Got this, God

Welcome, friends, for today's edition of Break the Tape.  Essentially, our goal is to identify the lies that repeat themselves over and over again in our minds, break the tape that automatically begins plays when ever we feel we've fallen short, and learn a new song to sing in its place.  
Meet Michelle.  There are many cool things to know about her, but one thing I LOVE is that she has a heart for middle school boys.  She's even written studies with her husband for them.  You can check them out here.  I could go on about her heart, but I want you to get on with reading her words...

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Words I yell to call people off a ball when playing sports.
They mean, "Back off! I'm taking this and I don't need your help."
Crucial in a game like volleyball or baseball
to avoid a collision or to make a play -
deadly in my spiritual walk.
I'm a Paul: A++ in the pedigree and training category (Philippians 3:2-11). The big difference between Paul and me is that I trusted Christ at the age of 4. By personality and background, I've been blessed with an "I got it" attitude. At times I do fear things, but most of the time I'm operating in a confident mode.
The only problem is
I sometimes subconsciously yell,"I got it! I got it!" in my daily routine.
 Maybe not in words, but definitely in actions.
It's not a willful rejection of God. It's getting comfortable in my routine, thinking of myself more highly than I should, ending up with me in the driver's seat wanting to direct, because I think - no, I know - I can.
   I have a Master's Degree in education - so of course I know how to home school my kids.
   I have a Bachelor's Degree in Bible - so of course I know the Bible and theology and doctrine too
   I have memorized lots of scripture growing up - so of course I'm a walking Bible
   I don't remember much about life before Jesus - so of course I'm really not that bad

   GOD has the wisdom I need for teaching my kids, not my education (although it helps)
   GOD is my teacher, not my degree. He reveals the truth of His word - fresh and new when I read
   GOD wants me to continually hide His word in my heart, not rest on my laurels
   GOD says ALL have sinned and fall short of His glory. My righteousness (while it may look fantastic to me) is filthy garbage to Him
Throughout this "little" journey God has me on, I'm learning that each little moment of the day needs to be His. While it's true that I can do these things because I have lots of training, if I'm not doing them in concert with God, depending on His strength, nothing of eternal value is accomplished. Too often I get so caught up in being proactive and prepared that I push the Holy Spirit right out of the picture. I think my next journey is going to be balance - it's actually one Tim & I have been on for a very, very long time!
I need to be more like my oldest, who brought a friend to a big youth outreach event. During the invitation, Nathan said, "It wasn't me. I didn't have anything to do with it. I was just praying, 'OK God, here's where you do your thing'." He prayed, waited, and watched the Holy Spirit work in his friend's life to bring him into the Kingdom!
So now when I say, "I got it!"
those need to be words of understanding.
~Eureka!~ The lightbulb turned on!
Yes, I got it!
it's NOT mine. It's YOU, God!

Want to read more of Michelle?  Click here to travel to her blog, Leading God's Generation.


  1. Wow. I feel like you are describing me to a T! Complete with a degree in education and theology and salvation at a young age. Thanks for this reminder that its all worthless without Christ in me!

    Mary Beth @newlifesteward

    1. Kindred spirits! Thanks for your encouraging words, Mary Beth.

  2. I guess I can join you and Mary Beth in the club of "GOT IT MYSELF". God has worked long and hard on this A plus woman to teach her that HE's the one that's got ME. Crazy how much more joy I have when I wait on Him and let Him lead.

    1. So very true, Alicia. Guess what I did today? Thought 3 different times about posting another link on my Facebook to this post - actually typed stuff in. Didn't have peace, so I didn't post. Finally I heard God say, "I GOT THIS ONE!" and I laughed out loud. There I was again trying to control & get "traffic" to the very post where I said I needed to back off!! I think I need to read it again! :-)
      Waiting on Him together,

  3. I can be an "I got it" girl at times. My husband's favorite saying on this farm -- whether things are good or bad -- is this: "God's Got it."

    1. That's such a great saying, Jennifer. I need to put it on my wall. Check out my reply above to see my flesh in action today!!

  4. thought provoking post, Michelle. The line that really struck me was: It's getting comfortable in my routine, thinking of myself more highly than I should, ending up with me in the driver's seat wanting to direct, because I think - no, I know - I can.

    yes I too get so comfortable within my warm safe ego I fail to see God is the one in charge, not me.

    Great reminder!!

    1. Thank you my friend. I needed the reminder myself - read my 2nd reply above! UGH!! Growth comes in little steps, right?!

  5. Yes, an "I got it' mentality is deadly in our spiritual walks. Great post.

  6. Ah...the "I can do it myself." Catches me when I'm not looking. The, "Here's where you can do your thing, Lord" blessed me! Oh for the faith of a child. Thank you, Michelle, and Jen, for sharing it.

  7. Wonderful post! I find myself falling into this trap far too often - even when I think I'm not. I'm sure I've had to learn the lesson that I'm not in control about a hundred times by now, and it still doesn't stick! Praise God that He doesn't give up on me! Thank you so much for these words. What incredible truth!

  8. Thoroughly neat song and good-thinking post. Enjoyed worshiping with "you".


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