Thursday, July 26, 2012

downcast, oh my soul

This is what I tell myself today:

Put your hope in God --

not in your accomplishments or your failures

your children or your husband

not your house or your friends

not your parents nor your church

not your ministry or your words.


There is no REAL hope

unless rooted in God.

All else will fly away,

dust in the wind.


I will hope

even when in despair.

I will hope

even when destitute.

I will hope

even when death feels certain.

I will hope

even when I feel destroyed.

I will hope

in the Everlasting,

the Rock,

the Redeemer.

I will hope in the One

who makes all things new.

I will hope so hard

that my heart may hurt

from the sheer effort of


Why are you downcast,

oh my soul?

The LORD is with you.

He cares for you.

His love is abundant and overflowing.

And I will long for Him.

As the deer pants for water,

so I thirst for You, oh God,

and for the HOPE

that is found in You.


  1. This was so beautiful - wonderful prose. I can't imagine my life without Hope - It's what I cling too :) Have a fabulous day!

  2. Psalm 42...such life there. GOD is our only refuge--yes and amen.

  3. Thanks Jen, I am needing this today. Thank you!

  4. This psalm runs through my mind on a fairly regular basis.

  5. Beautiful words Jen....and a reminder I needed. Learning so much about holding on to hope's harder than I thought at times. <3

  6. Love this psalm and the way you personalize it. Praying for hope to hold you firm today.

  7. Power and beautifully written, Jen. I know when I focus on my problems and fears, they become bigger. When I focus on God, my hope and salvation, all the other stuff disappears.

  8. Why, oh why, do we think hope should be effortless? Not in this world. Thank you.

  9. Psalm 42 is one of my go-to psalms when I feel sad; love how you personalized it..praying God will lift you up and may you sense His love surrounding you, and upholding you today, dear Jen...hugs!

  10. So needed this today. Linking in a bit. Finally! Thanks, Jen.


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