Friday, August 3, 2012

i am not

I just finished Louie Giglio's book, i am not but i know I AM, and here are the things that I want to remember:

{1} i am very small

{2} i serve a God who is very, very big

{3} i believe that He is in charge, which means i can:

BE loved
BE still.

I pray this weekend, that you would feel His anointing, His hand, His presence in your life.  I pray that as you revel in the gifts that He has given you, that you would see that what you have not pales in comparison with what you have -- a God that loves you unconditionally, without measure, without pressure to perform or be something that you are not.  I pray that you will find true rest, no matter your circumstances, schedule, or plan.  May we walk together in smallness, serving a big God.

Much love to you,


  1. yes and Amen! we serve a mighty God.

  2. They say it's all in who you know. I'm not sure about human knowing, but knowing God has made all the difference in my life. I can walk in complete security knowing what a big God I serve. Oh Jen, I needed this reminder right at this very moment.

  3. need this message today. going to head over to amazon for the book....thanks, jen.

  4. Thank you for your prayers. Here, at least, they are granted.

  5. So grateful to have found you. After losing 2 brothers in three years, ages 40 and 48, I was drawn to your title. Grace and Heaven. I am all about prayers. It does work and He is is the Great I AM...

  6. i want to sign up for one of the groups when you have a minute to teach me the how to link up..
    thanks so much

    1. Hi Melanie! I'd love to teach you and sign you up for a small group. Can you email me your contact info?

  7. It is so important to set up supportive community for our children. What a soul-lovely project!


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