Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Husband is Awesome

Sometimes I just can't resist a link up, especially when it focuses on building up my husband (his love language IS words of affirmation, after all).  You can click over to Bohemian Bowmans to find out how to link up your post about your awesome husband.

My husband is awesome because...
          {1}  he is not afraid to get silly.
What is a daddy to do with 2 little girls?  Play dress up and babies of course!  He is multidimensional, though -- currently he's teaching Abby to play chess.  Oh, and what are some of the girls' favorite movies?  Star Wars.  He's not afraid to enter their world, but he also loves to entertain them with his!

 {2}  he takes me to a winery instead of the Egyptian Museum.
It's true.  Even the kids had been on board with the museum, in hopes that they might see a real mummy.  But, I mean, if one is in California, one must visit a real vineyard, yes?

{3}  he is strong.
And I'm not just talking physically.  I mean emotionally and spiritually.  Who else partners with his wife to write a book about marriage, a brutally honest one at that?  Yep.  He's a keeper for sure.

{4}  he lets me run. literally.
He gladly watches the kids if I have a long run on the weekend.  He brings them to all my races, even when it involves multiple cheering stations.  He enjoys seeing my joy (even if he doesn't want to run with me.  Hey, nobody's perfect.)

i could go on and on...but i don't want to seem like i'm bragging... :)

so glad you found me, Craig Ferguson.  I love you.


  1. Thank you for all that you do, Jen. I've told you before and I mean it. You make me a better man. I love you.

  2. SO excited (and inspired) by this post. My husband's love language is love too. :)

  3. Oops, I mean words of affirmation. I suppose everyone's love language is "love" ha! :)

  4. WOW! I really do love this post Jen.....God gives good gifts (smile)

  5. I love this! It's always fun to read about the ways in which others are blessed, and it sounds like your whole family is blessed to have each other :)

  6. So sweet! I have one of those. The good ones. The rocks. So blessed!

  7. No doubt a Man after God's own heart…probably why God sent him your way! You are blessed, I know because I have one too!

  8. A dad who is willing to play dress up, AND be photographed AND be ok with it being published on the web. Craig ROCKS! I am so very grateful to him for his support of you, so you can share your heart and wisdom with all of us.

    Thanks so much for this post. It is a message that just can't be shared enough. Just last night over dinner my daughter told a story of her office mates all getting into a major husband bash-fest at lunch. Leslie just kept shaking her head. She remarked how the spouses just don't seem to connect, and seem to have completely empty love tanks that neither sees or knows how to fill. One thing that really bothered her was that the women all agreed that there was no such thing as a good marriage. Our daughter said she knew that was a lie, because of the model for a healthy marriage we have given her.

    I am so grateful, that if nothing else, she knows what true love really looks like.

  9. Great tribute to the man of your life!

  10. Wow, I just found this and am wowed. I have done two posts on this subject. One last year and one this past week. I will have to check out the link up. I initially wrote it at a time when I was struggling in my own attitude toward being appreciative toward him. God used the exercise of writing and listing again and again to keep me in the right spirit of love- when it's hard! ;)


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