Friday, August 24, 2012

revelations from the forest

As we walk through Muir Woods, I can't get over how large the trees are.  The tall trees of East Texas and Louisiana I have seen, but while they reach tall to the sky, their trunks are of no comparison to the ones that loom in front of me now.

I tell my friend Joy about the trees back home in central Texas -- how they can only grow so tall because of the rocky soil beneath them.  Living on a limestone shelf stunts their growth, I say.

It makes me think of the hard places in my heart that stunt my own growth, places where I don't yield out of self-protection or self-pity or self-indulgence.

But I want to grow tall, stretching to the heavens.  I want to produce fruit and have a lovely canopy that invites rest and restoration, one whose roots grow deep into the fertile soil of Jesus.

I want to find my nourishment in Him, deeply in Him.

And as much as I want these things for myself, I want them more for my children.  I've seen the times they have been the brunt of the rocky soil of my heart and I have seen them imitate what it's like to have a limestone shelf.

I want the grand redwood trees to stir our hunger for fertile soil, their image a reminder that we are a family that is deeply rooted in His love, that we serve a creative God who cares about details, who tracks the moments of our lives, and seeks to infuse us with His Living Water through our veins, spiritually and physically.
As for me, these redwoods remind me that I am small, that I am dwarfed by His power and His majesty.  And yet, these intricate details of this forest remind me that small does not mean unloved, nor under-cherished, nor insignificant.  There is much beauty beheld in small intricacies and I am one.

And so are you.
"So each generation should set its hope anew on God,
not forgetting His glorious miracles
and obeying His commands."
Psalm 78: 7, NLT

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  1. this is beautiful. having a family, contemplating the passing along of a rich and true faith. . . these are the things that have challenged me and developed me as a person more than anything else in my life.
    blessings to you this day, jen!

  2. A heart shaped clover--amazing!--and yes, those tall California trees...I miss them.
    This was beautiful, Jen.

  3. I love California. I love Muir Woods! I love that heart shaped clover. I feel so small and insignificant compared to His majesty!

  4. I love that a tree can hold so much history. Beautiful Blog.

  5. Oh, Muir Woods is so beautiful...breathing in your Spirit-filled words...thank you, Jen :)

  6. Hi Jen! That leaf is soooo cool! I love it. God was saying "I love you Jen!"

    I was listening to Public Radio two days ago, and a tree scientist was talking for an hour about the rings of a tree and how they work...and what a scientist learns from them. It was truly amazing what they can learn about. I never knew there was actually a class of science just for tree rings! I wish I could remember what that is called.

    Love in Christ Alone! ♥Cathy

  7. We're neighbors over at Kris' place and I'm so thankful. This is something I need to ponder and even dig deep to see the soil I've planted myself in... Thank you!!!


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