Thursday, August 16, 2012

she almost missed this

It's a sure smile she has on her lips in this picture.  She looks so confident, so secure, so proud.

She made it to the top, but would you believe me if I told you that she almost missed it?

This girl, she has an adventurous spirit in some ways.  A roller coaster with twists and turns?  She's game.  Jumping off the high dive?  No sweat.

Climb to the top of a rocky cliff?  She almost passed.  There were no rules posted about where not to climb.  There were no fences to create a safe boundary.  There was no safety net to catch her, no pool to break her fall, no harness to keep her strapped in.

The only safety net she had were the words of her parents telling her that she was safe.  For some reason, that was not enough to assuage her in the beginning.  But her little sister started playfully poking fun and her daddy told her she was going to miss out on something spectacular.  This was enough to activate that competitive spirit and so she steeled herself against the unknown and walked forward on the path carved for her.  There were rocks to climb, some which gave way underneath her feet.  There were places where she wasn't sure which foothold would be best to guarantee her balance.  Once she did lose her balance, her misstep causing a bit of dust to cover her palms.  

But despite the fear,
despite the lack of man-made boundaries,
despite the intangibility of her safety net,
she made it to the very top.

And because of her faith, because she listened to the words of her parents, because she didn't want to miss out on the reward, she got to see this:

Oh, how much I can relate to this daughter of mine -- how I want only to step out when I am sure that the ground is sure, the rules explicit, the possibility of failure far removed.  And yet, often my God calls me to places where the safety net of His Hands I cannot easily make out, where there are rocky clefts, and unstable footholds.

And I ask myself the same question that I ask my daughter:  Do you want to miss out?

What about you?

Sharing with Jennifer at God Bumps today.


  1. A defining moment for me was when I realized the opposite of faith is fear. And fear is a very powerful thing. To go beyond just knowing it will be okay and take the risk is hard. Congrats to your daughter for not giving up! I enjoyed the word picture…she would have missed out on the beautiful view, but what do we miss out on daily by allowing fear to stop us from putting ourselves out there.

    A Heartening Life (
    found you on God Bumps

  2. She looks so like you! And it sounds like she has this perseverance gene in her as well to go the extra mile to accomplish what she sets her mind to. This is a great lesson. I love when our kids teach 'us' life lessons right back. They are so smart aren't they?

  3. My life seems to be invitation after another and thankfully I have been wise enough to say yes to many that have changed my life: adopting our children, staying at home, homeschooling are some of the big, terrifying life changes God has called us to. It makes me wonder just what I have missed when I have said no.

  4. Beautiful pictures and such a great message!

  5. I'm so glad she took the risk, and made the climb ... opening up a wonderful opportunity to encounter such breathtaking beauty!

  6. Jennifer--what a strong mother's heart you have. This brought tears to my eyes...

  7. Love her picture! She looks so proud of herself. This post spoke to me, the parts about risk-taking. I am not a risk-taker and God has been putting things in my life recently that involve much risk. I keep brushing it aside, but I don't know...maybe...

    Thank you for the reminder.


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