Friday, September 14, 2012


Our nation needs hope.

I need hope.

I wake up in the morning, (sweetly try to) wake up my two sleeping children, and head downstairs to begin breakfast and lunch-making.  Moments later, my husband comes in from his dog-walking adventure and sets down the morning paper.

At some point during all the commotion, I usually glance at the headlines.

Sometimes, they make me physically ill.  Sometimes, they elicit expletives (like the ones on Wednesday).  Sometimes, they make me want to pick up my children from the breakfast table and tuck them back into bed because sleeping through all this pain seems like a better alternative than living through it.

But, no.

Our world is a mess, and with media these days, we cannot help but know.  The bad news infiltrates our lives through TV, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter.  Not only do we get the facts, but we also get everyone's opinions of the facts.  Many of our outlooks are not cheery.  Many of our outlooks pit one against the other.  Many outlooks suggest that we need a radical change in policy, personnel, and __________________ (you fill in the blank).  We might have friends on both sides that have very valid opinions.  It's hard to know where to place our hope, or if we have a place, it's difficult to discern if it's in the right place sometimes.  The information can be overwhelming and we can't possibly know it all.

I have to find a place for hope that doesn't change.  I need to be able to wake up and no matter what, send my children about their days with an infusion of hope.  I need to be able to see beyond the headlines, beyond the terror, beyond the slander.  I need to see because who else will teach them to see?

I carry this verse with me, to remind me that I have a very secure place for my hope - in Jesus:

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.
John 16:33, NLT

The truth is, friends, Jesus is our Hope and our Peace.  But He does not give us only this knowledge to sustain us.  All around, there is evidence that He is here and that His spirit is alive and living within us.  But we must take our eyes off the headlines for the moment and see what He shows us.  

Here is a perfect example with which to start.  One that came out of my old high school:

Where do you see hope today?

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  1. What a cool uplifting loving video. yes there is hope. You are right Jen in your line:" we must take our eyes off the headlines for the moment and see what He shows us. "

    I can choose to focus on what is wrong or I can set my eyes on God.

    Thanks for helping me pause, think and refocus today

  2. My husband is preaching on this on Sunday: on God being bigger than the mess we live in. On his Son already having overcome. This is the only hope we have. That He is still, still, still in control. It's all we can leave to our kids.

  3. Thank the Lord we have the hope that we do in Him today. Can you imagine living in this day in age and raising our kiddoes without the Hope that He has given to us? I know as a Momma, I'm not sure I would come out from under the covers each day without it. He is IT!

  4. John 16:33 has been a go to scripture of encouragement for me, for years, i love the promise Jesus makes to us to have hope and good cheer even in the face of adversity in this world.... because we can be confident that He has overcome and through Him we will too! stopping by from Still Saturday. Blessings

  5. From my mind and heart to your blog post!! I feel exactly how you do...every single day. It is exhausting and frustrating. I look at my two girls, and I think to myself, if we didn't have Jesus, there would be no hope! I am so thankful that we do have hope. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. "The information can be overwhelming and we can't possibly know it all."

    Yes... it is this reality that has weighed heavy. But you offer such encouraging truth in the midst of all the turmoil. You help me focus rightly... Thank you.

  7. As I was reading this, lines from old hymns started running through my mind--hymns about an anchor for our souls, and the anchor that holds. I need to know that my hope is anchored to someone who transcends the headlines. Happy weekend, Jen.

    1. Me, too, Nancy...and we do know where our hope is anchored. Thank you, Jesus.

  8. I'm so thankful that He is our peace! Thanks for this reminder. Blessings!

  9. Much needed encouragement for these difficult times. Thank you.

  10. The world as we know it is radically shifting, but God is our hope. Nice reflection Jen.

  11. Yes, Jen!!! Sometimes the world can be overwhelming. This week the Lord pointed me to Psalm take my eyes off my surroundings and on His blessings which abound. May we have eyes to see God's blessings!

  12. WOW! Can't say much more than that. Love it! Thanks.

  13. Hey, your blog is very recognizable for me. Therefore I watch no news before the kids are at school :-) What is happening in the world can feel so shocking. Of course, in our Europe-news also is plenty to be scared about. But I want more and more listen to what Jesus says: 'I am with you all days.'
    Warm greetings, a mom in Holland

  14. Jen - I feel the same way. The world, and all its bad news, is overwhelming. Thank you for this reminder that God has overcome it. Hallelujah! Also, love the good news clip - you must be proud! Did Ty win?

  15. Amen Jen!!! Good word....Very Good word!!! We are overcomers through Christ, no matter what the natural tells us :))


  16. Love this post Jen.
    I was feeling the same way over the weekend...thank you for this!

  17. Thank you for sharing. It's so nice to see a sweet story on the news!


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