Friday, September 28, 2012

What Pelicans Can Teach You

I don't know about you, but for me, sometimes I get sidetracked by the feeding frenzy.  It seems like everyone gets their piece of the pie except for me.  I look at other people's opportunities, accolades, and talents.

But as with most things, I realize that I have the wrong perspective.  I look at this picture and my first instinct was to think that this pelican couldn't get the fish he needed because it was all so crowded below.

But now, I look at this picture and I think that perhaps he is full.  He stands and watches from his perch because he simply doesn't need to be down there.  How often do we check to see if we are really full before we partake?  How often do we continue to partake without fully savoring that which we already have in our mouth?

What would life be like if we moved through life knowing that we are seen?  And even more so, knowing that we have the opportunity to be full?  Full of Him, full of the gifts and talents He has given us, full of knowing we were pieced together by our Almighty God?  What if we climbed up on our perch, surveyed the surroundings, and just sighed with satisfaction?

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  1. Oh, the wisdom here. SIGH. Thank you, friend.

  2. Satisfaction! Thank you for this nourishment.

  3. This analogy so resonates with me...the pelicans & "the feeding frenzy"...but sorta from a different perspective!

    We often talk about that scene in "Finding Nemo" when the pelicans are feeding, and start going all berserk with their "mine-mine-mine-mine-mine!" calls. It is hilarious -- and kinda disturbing. Cause the truth is, when we get all globbed up together in human-flocks, we tend to join the feeding frenzy & squall, "mine-mine-mine-mine!!!" Flocking for more stuff, more acclaim, more popularity, more, more, more, more.

    It's only when I step back, and stop, and soak in the glory of God, that I can think of other's first, of serving over taking, of building HIS kingdom instead of my own.
    Hmmm...which I definitely haven't taken the time to do much lately.
    THANKs for the gentle & convicting reminder to step back from the feeding frenzy!

  4. I appreciate the message and perspective you have shared.

  5. Good thinking. Lots of "hmmm-ing" left in my mind/heart.

    [Now, SEAGULLS seem to be more like the whole rest of the world. Never seen them pass the food off to someone else or avoid it. Always in the "me" battle. So, I think I'll avoid becoming related...]

  6. Jen, I'm so glad you linked this story up to Playdates this week. It's a perfect picture of being satisfied in His love.


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