Friday, October 19, 2012

He Sees You (and that is not a bad thing)

He sees you.
If you are wounded or crying,
or if your arms are raised up in praise.
He is close to the broken-hearted
and He bathes us in light.
Even when darkness seems to offer
cover and refuge,
it cannot shift our perspective
as only light can do.
Sometimes, thoughts of being seen
make us want to shrink back
but when He sees you
even if you think you are
He is thinking
precious thoughts about you.
His thoughts
they are not our thoughts,
His ways, not our ways.
And that is something
for which I am 
eternally thankful.

Linking with Sandra on SaturdayDeidra on Sunday, and  Laura on Monday (because drawing and poetry, no matter how bad, are always playtimes with God)


  1. wow, I think I needed this today. Jen, so glad your weekend with the girls went so well. I guarantee they were completely spoken to by Jesus thru you. I think I will post this in my bathroom today.

  2. I love the picture...and I love the words here...neither are bad...both are lovely. beautiful encouragement...thanks~

  3. Oh, how I love your art. There is a piece I have my eye on for a while. One day...

  4. AMEN! Prayed right along with you. Felt like we were together again.

  5. oh, i need that picture. beautiful, jen. it truly is good to be seen. truly.
    have a beautiful weekend.

  6. I am so thankful too my friend. So thankful. :)

  7. This is so beautiful... and a needed reminder after a crazy busy (but wonderful at the same time!) and as always your artwork... it blesses my heart. <3

  8. It's such a comfort to know that He sees us.

  9. What a pure blessing you are, Jen! "He is thinking precious thoughts about you." Thanks for this.

  10. I am so thankful that He seems me!

  11. You will remain ever in His sight, apple of His eye, the centre of His heart

  12. Such sweet encouragement. Lovely. I love Saturdays at Sandy's full of so much encouragement. May your weekend be lovely too.

  13. Unique, creative, deeply touching... captures my heart.

  14. I'm thankful, too, Jen. For God's precious thoughts, for your art and for the blessing you have been to me.

  15. lovely art & poem..grateful He thinks better thoughts about me than I think about myself....thanks, Jen :)

  16. Such beautiful encouragement for my soul today! And I love the art!

  17. oh. how. i. LOVE this!!!
    there is no shame
    in his gaze....what a sweet comfort.
    thanks for the holy nudge,

  18. What a treasure, that He is thinking precious thoughts about us. Thank you so for this.
    Thanks, too, for your kind comments. You asked if I sell my photos; I have a Blurb book coming out soon with photos and Scripture. I'll try to keep you posted.

  19. I love the line - " Even when darkness seems to offer cover and refuge, it cannot shift our perspective as only light can do." You've spoken to and opened up this biblical passage in a way that really illuminates a deeper meaning, Jen. Thanks so much for this encouraging word!

  20. Amen...what a beautiful poem. Loved this one...♥

  21. El Rohi. One of my favorite names for our good God.


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