Monday, November 5, 2012

Do you walk on water? and the Soli Deo Gloria Party

It's time to pull up your chair.  Do you know you have one here in this space we call Soli Deo Gloria?  You do.  It's reserved every week only for you.  This place would be different if you weren't here and we miss you when you are gone.  This is a place filled with women who seek to honor your words, you heart, your tears, and your laughter.  Scooch in close.  You won't want to miss a word.
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Today, I offer you my stream-of-consciousness thinking...

I think it's possible to walk on air
just like Jesus walked on water,
buoyed by the amazing power of the love of God.
Everyday, though, pressures seek to drag me down
until I am covered with muck and mire and the only thing I think I can do is
But God did not create me to slog.
He created me to walk on water,
to soar with wings like eagles,
to walk and not grow faint.
But somewhere along the way, I choose to leave my
armor by the wayside,
thinking that is just something else that might weigh me down
or impede my progress.
And there lies the deception,
the fatal mistake,
the precursor to me drowning in the sea
instead of taking His outstretched Hand
and walking on water.
I no longer want to be buried in details
or perceptions
or appearances.
I, instead, want to be uplifted by faith,
one foot in front of the other,
come what may.
It's not a happy-go-lucky attitude,
It's not an ignoring of feelings,
but rather, the addressing of feelings
and then turning them into an offering,
giving them back to the One who gave me
the ability to feel in the first place.
I wonder, do you ever drown in your feelings?
In this surrender, I notice a shift in my desires -
chiefly to let go instead of hold on,

to breathe instead of always being breathless

to walk assuredly instead of hesitantly

to engage in miracles instead of doubting their presence in my life

to wrap up in Him instead of being nicely packaged for the world.

I think it is a declaration, a line drawn in the sand,
the old self put away, the new self donned.
It is here that I will stand with readiness,
to climb out of the boat,
take His hand,
and walk on water.

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  1. I want to lay down and let go too. I want to take up my armor, feeling the weight that actually makes me free to run. Beautiful words today!

  2. Yes, I need to lay down my relationship with my Dad, my discontent and irrational fears of money and having to return to just take Jesus' hand day after day and walk on the water. To be me with him and believe in the impossible. Such trust and faith. I love your words! Blessings to you Jen.

  3. This is what I need to turn me around in this moment. I can drown in feelings of self-pity, oh poor me. But I need to draw a line in the sand and take his hand and walk on water instead.

    Thanks, Jen. God knows what I need, when I need it. This is it.

  4. Yes, poetry!

    "The new self donned." I like that!

  5. Jen your last 6 lines so resonate with me! Beautiful!!

  6. Wonderful words. I love the idea of "addressing feelings and turning them into an offering". Reminds me of those in the Valley of Weeping who turn it into a place of springs (Psalm 84:6)

  7. What a lovely site! I love 'God don't create me to slog!" What a great statement... Just going SDG and so glad I did.

  8. So many times I have sat on the edge of a diving board, wanting the faith to walk on the water below my feet. I've felt those drowning moments - and felt His hand pull me through. It is the moment I give up those feelings to Him! Beautiful post about the struggle of letting ourselves go to walk on water!!

  9. Thank you, Jen, for reminding me ...praying this with you: "to wrap up in Him instead of being nicely packaged for the world." More of Him, and less of me...Blessings :)

  10. I love the picture of walking on air - "buoyed by the amazing power of the love of God...' YES. Thanks for this - I always enjoy your stream-of consciousness posts so much.

  11. Isn't it revealing that when we are drowning in our emotions they are all negative ones—doubt, fear, anger—and the urge is, as you say, to let go. But instead, to take his hand and walk on water-wow! What an inspiring and uplifting declaration. Thanks for the lift and the image of walking on air. :-)

  12. God created us to walk on water, - I just love that phrase and one I will hold onto to. Thanks dear. Jen!

  13. Good one, Jen. I'm with Melinda -- love that I wasn't created to SLOG. I need to remember that in my sloggy moments!

  14. "It's not a happy-go-lucky attitude,
    It's not an ignoring of feelings,
    but rather, the addressing of feelings
    and then turning them into an offering,
    giving them back to the One who gave me
    the ability to feel in the first place."

    I love how your stream of consciousness thinking surfaced a revelation about feelings....feelings offered back to God...I need to think about that more often. Thanks!

  15. Oh, Jen, I have too many "favorite words" in this post to name them all, but this line will mill in my mind all day... "In this surrender, I notice a shift in my desires -chiefly to let go instead of hold on.." Thank you friend, for the challenge and inspiration. It is so fun to watch you grow, crave Him more, and invite us all to do the same. Thanks for hosting SDG, too. Blessings to you

  16. This is one of my favorite posts of yours, Jen. I like the balance you bring to feeling your real feelings and bringing them to Jesus. This poem could have a simple title ... freedom.


    ps. God didn't create us to slog ... but He did create me to blog. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) :)

  17. great post...I will stand with you...I am getting out of the boat...and may we reach out to let Him carry us...walking where ever He leads...blessings to you my friend~

  18. Oh, Jen, such a powerful declaration. Standing with you...

  19. So beautiful, Jen! All things are possible if we keep our eyes fixed on His face! Thanks for the great po9st & for hosting, & God bless!

  20. It's a daily choice, isn't it? And in the rough times, a moment by moment choice...reach out to Him or sink in the mire. Thank you, Jen for stirring me up to remember this today.

  21. Ah yes - it is taking the feelings and giving them back to God; acknowledging them and turning them into an offering. Love that. So glad you shared your thoughts with us :) Hugs.

  22. As much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes get bogged down by a hopeless feeling where nothing seems to matter, like nothing will make a difference that I do or don't do. It's awful, and then I will feel ashamed for feeling that way. This last week, it was as if the lights were turned back on for me as I realized how much of the negative I was dwelling on. I hate that I fall so easily into that mental trap but recognizing it is the first part of fixing it. Thank you for helping us to remember that we don't struggle alone and for reminding us what's worth fixing our eyes upon.


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