Saturday, November 24, 2012


We may not always cheer for the same football team.
We may drive each other up the wall...several times a day.
We may not want to smile for pictures and sit just so.
We may have different ideas of what a fun time really is.
We may not see eye-to-eye and we probably will have different expectations at varying moments of life.
We might yell and scream or give each other the silent treatment.
We may not want to forgive, or forget, or move on.
But we will.
Because, at the end of every day,
we are still family.
We are bonded together both by choice and by God's design.
Eventually, we come to realize that the relationship is not just about
or her
or them.
But, rather, it is about us.
And if I had to choose between walking this life alone
or without them,
I would never choose the former.
Because to do that would be to reject one of the greatest gifts
God has ever given me.
And so I will receive it all with hands wide open.

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  1. This picture is killing me! I just can't help breaking into a big smile at the sight of it! You are beautiful, Jen!All of You (which includes those lovelies in the picture!)

  2. Such a great family photo Jen! Hope you & yours are having a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

  3. love, love, love :-) what a beautiful picture of the gift that is yours. thank you for sharing this, and sharing your life with so many of us. you are special, jen. so glad to be a part of this space, of this community.
    blessings to you and yours,

  4. What a gorgeous picture and how bright is your smile!

  5. I agree with everyone else - great picture!! Beautiful words too!

  6. Your photo is precious, and I LOVE your words!!!! They are perfect!! I get frustrated sometimes, but then I remind myself how thankful I am for my people. I can't imagine not having them!! Have a blessed day :)

  7. yes, I choose with you. I don't want to know life without my family…no matter how crazy it gets.

  8. Love your picture! What a good looking gang! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  9. You choose so sweetly and I choose with you. Oh I learn so much about life and love from my family....always. Thank you for this tender reminder Jen. And you guys are so precious. Glad to have you as a blogging friend.

  10. Lovely picture, lovely sharing, lovely advice.

  11. Jen--this is so wonderful--just smiling from ear to ear.

  12. Beautiful! You have a beautiful family! Wonderful photo!

  13. Thank you for this loveliness at the end of a long weekend. Yes, I agree. I don't really know who I am without my family to provide context, meaning, fun and joy. They are the ones who have helped form me into who I am today and I think I am at least partly responsible for who they are as well. We drive each other absolutely crazy at times, but in the, end, they are ones who are there when the bottom drops out. They are the ones who are there when we need to celebrate. They are the ones who know my faults and choose to love me anyhow. Thanks for outlining this so well for us!

  14. beautiful family Jen, and we are voting for the same team as you are for my nephew goes to school there. I thank you for the words you are always putting out here for us so that our souls might be fed with more of Him. Thank you always friend.

  15. I am a TCU alumni...don't hate me Jen! I love your photo and I am so glad to have had a chance to talk with you! Thank you so much! Nothing is more precious than the Lord and our families.

  16. What a beautiful family, Jen...Hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving :)

  17. Your family is so beautiful, Jen. Love seeing these smiling faces.


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