Thursday, November 15, 2012

what's EATING you?

Quiet time in the morning, 
fighting anxiety of what is to come in the future
and yet He leads me back to the present
I AM with you now.
Tell me what you need.
I will listen to you.
How have I failed you in the past?
Is your trouble bigger than I AM?
What do you wish for more,
And I realize,
real peace comes only when I lay it all down in front of 
the One who created it all.


  1. "Is your trouble bigger than I am?" Facing a big family issue right now and in prayer for my sister. Thank you for this reminder....

  2. The saying around our house lately is ... keep your hands open. A posture of trust.


  3. God sent this to me at just the right time. I spent the entire day yesterday feeling so "nervous". My husband has been out of work for almost a year and due to our age, it has been very difficult for him to find a job. I know GOD has a plan and our faith has kept us going and HOPEful! Thank you so much for posting this. Would you mind if I link to this post on my blog tomorrow?

  4. Funny how we chase control and think it will give us peace. I love the photo / verse. Did you create that?

  5. Amen! So well said! It's all about laying it down and taking our hands off it and letting Him do all the things He does so well!

    I'm tracking with you this week!


  6. Amen and amen!

    "And I realize,
    real peace comes only
    when I lay it all down in front of
    the One who created it all."

    I know you've walked this. I know you believe this. And it helps me walk and believe it, too.

  7. Yes, thank you! Words I needed to hear this morning - copied the lines into my journal. And love the photo - funny take on what's eating you - makes me think of soul-holes when I allow things to get to me...

  8. I like the idea of staying in the present. I AM. period. and that's enough. As always, I'm blessed by your words and insights. We're neighbors at Laura's today - what fun! :-) Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Boy, did I need to see that today! Thank you!

  10. Your words pull me back to NOW... my husband and I were just talking about the STRETCH of our lives right now as the kids age and we feel the spin of it all- and his words echoed yours here--- "I think we just need to live IN the moment, one moment at a time..." Love it when God uses my blog friends to create a holy echo :)

  11. This is a deep breath for me, friend. Thank you, Jen, for reminding me to rest in his presence now.

  12. Thanks for this. This are very beautiful words for me.


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