Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Close Enough to Forget: Waking up to find your underwear on the Christmas tree

About this series:  We all need encouragement, to be reminded we matter. Sometimes the nearest and dearest to us get the least of that needed encouragement. We've all spread ourselves too thin at times leaving little reserved for the ones we've committed to give to most, our spouse. So we're going to do something about it. We're going to focus on the ones living right under our own roof, sleeping in our own bed. But no worries if you're spouse-free. You can apply the encouragement to someone in your life who needs it: children, co-workers, friends, family members. Any soul will do because we all long to know we are seen and heard. Wherever you see "spouse," substitute someone else's name.  So grab a cup of coffee or whatever it is you're drinking today, and get ready to give a little. You'll be glad you did.

It's nearly Christmas. As I write this I am sitting beside the tree, its green, orange, blue, yellow glow. Ornaments detail the years we have shared---superheroes and Star Wars, our first Christmas, ones our boys have made. My wife was a ballerina, so the Nutcracker nation has descended and is staring at me from atop the closet. Slightly intimidating---smiles.

photo credit: Jenise Daigle
The holidays are filled with comfortable traditions. Things we look forward to every year. Things we only do this time of year. On some level, Christmas comes with a script. We know we will share presents, go see gramma, Santa will come and my mom will make those nasty marinated brussel sprouts---that I will once again hide in the couch until I can slip them into the trash after everyone has gone to bed. (sorry Mom.)

A few years ago we added a new tradition. An elf came to live with us the first of December. His name is Dodger. Each night the boys take him to bed and snuggle him tight, only to find when they wake that he is no longer there. Dodger is a very mischievous little elf.

This morning they found him in the refrigerator, bits of broccoli on his outfit and still holding a sprig in his hand. A few nights ago, he decorated the tree with our underwear. He hides among the nutcrackers, stays up all night reading books, does funny things with the boys toys. You never know what you will find Dodger doing each morning.

There is room for tradition in our holidays, but there is also room for the unexpected. The same can hopefully be said of our love relationship with our spouse.

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