Friday, December 14, 2012

Joy Bearer or not so much?

This is the first year I have some of my baby ornaments on our family tree.  Almost all of them are from my grandmother and as I read their inscriptions, I can remember how much joy we brought her.  She really did see us a magical beings that brought out that twinkle in her eye.  It's amazing to know that this is possible -- our words and presence can elicit joy (sadly, they can also elicit other things, of which I am guilty of, too!).  Remembering this inspires me to be a "joy-bringer" to other people, no matter who they are, where they are, or what they do.

How can we be bearers of joy today?  How can we bear witness to the coming Christ,  no matter
where we are,
who we are,
what happened to us today, or
what we must accomplish?

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  1. what a beautiful reminder to us that we should bring joy into the lives of others; and that ornament is just precious!

  2. The Bible tells us the best way to be filled with joy (fruit of the Spirit) is to fill (renew) ourselves daily with God's word. When we fill ourselves with Him, the natural result is overflowing.

  3. J,
    Sweet ornament. I have a few hanging up. They drip a seventies feel and take me back to places of long ago. Thinking of you, girl.

  4. There are ornaments my grandfather bought, my grandmother made - there is a story in the ornaments of my family. I miss my grandmother - and am so blessed at the inside gifts she gave me! Joy-bearer - like the standard-bearer - we all need to pick up the flag sometimes and carry it under much responsibility and pressure at times, in the midst of battle! She helped prepare me to do that! Merry Christmas!!!

  5. How neat. Like ornaments that are special. They never go away... sometimes left out all year on shelves.


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