Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Opportunity


It's just a spelling bee, but to my eight year old, it feels more like life or death.  Failure or success.  Embarrassment or triumph.

At the end of our conversation, it's more than she's willing to risk.  It's just a "no."

And so I close with this:  "Why don't you go get your bible, your journal, and ask God what He wants you to do?"

She comes back quickly and says, "He told me He wants me to do it but it's MY CHOICE."

And how do I argue with a child who just sought out God and came back (probably) with an honest answer?

I recess into another room and think about the situation.  I decide I have only one more thing to say and I go find her sulking under her desk.

"God often gives us choices.  And He often gives us suggestions.  We can choose to participate in the opportunities that He gives us...or not.  But if we choose the "not," we risk opting out of His blessings. You don't know what's around the corner, but He does.  Personally, I don't like taking the risk of missing out on what He has for me.  But, like He said, it's your choice."

There aren't many kids that reject presents and this is what I want my daughter to learn:

His opportunities are gifts.  They may not look like what we imagine they would be, but who doesn't want to open the box anyway?


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  1. I love those little unassuming teachable moments with our children that end up teaching Mama too. Great story and truth here.

  2. I really love this! Thank you for sharing it! "His opportunities are gifts. They may not look like what we imagine they would be, but who doesn't want to open the box anyway?" Absolutely!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  3. "We can choose to participate in the opportunities He gives us... or not. But if we choose the "not," we risk opting out of His blessing." I love this! And I love that you are teaching this to your kids. Thank you for sharing, what a great reminder. Blessings!

  4. This is rich - and I'm afraid I am with your daughter here, choosing to stay back, to withdraw, to hide, to take the "safe" route. Love the perspective of participating in His opportunities, or not, and having the choice. Also, love the words - we risk missed blessings. I think more of risking as what it could cost me, not what blessings I may miss. Thank you for a fresh, challenging perspective. You gave your daughter an opportunity of wise words.

  5. Oh I shared about this very thing in my post today. He gives me opportunity, but it's my choice to lay hold! Have a blessed day.

  6. How blessed your daughter is to have you for her Mom! To "let go" of our attachment to situations, to allow our children to "listen" for guidance, while we listen for guidance, too, trains a child in unspeakable Truths! Such grace found here. Such joy found in this opportunity of meeting you! Yes, you have found heaven!

  7. I love this... what a great way to take a teaching moment and point her to the Teacher Himself! Opportunities are gifts from Him... that little nugget, I am sure, will come back to me over and over - most likely in moments when I am not wanting to take a risk myself! Thanks for that! (Honestly... thank you!)

  8. What wisdom for a child! Yes, we are wise when we see life as an opportunity ... a gift from our Pappa God's hand! Nice meeting you at FMF.
    Much love

  9. Smart girl! And smart momma! I don't want to waste any more gifts or opportunities bc of uncertainty of what they hold inside. Wise words my friend..

  10. Such a wise mom, you are Jen...yes, we don't want to miss God's opportunities because of fear...Happy New Year!

  11. Marvelous, marvelous! Life is not always about taking the easy path and that can be a difficult concept for our kids. Who among us prefers the path fraught with the unknown and uncomfortable? Teaching your child to see from a different perspective, that God offers gifts in the form of opportunities, is a wonderful gift in itself. Your daughter is very blessed with your wisdom!

  12. that's just perfect. :-) when you put it that way, yes--who WOULDN'T want to open the box???
    have a great weekend!

  13. she's preparing, and being prepared, for adulthood. it's always our choice and we always miss, or receive, His blessings based upon our choices. it's going to take a few missed blessings, a few skinned knees and a broken heart for her/us to figure out...His ways are not our ways but His ways are better.

  14. Love this! It all comes down to choice doesn't it? And for me, that choice is always trust. Do I really believe what He says enough to act on it? Great stuff - thanks!

  15. What a wise way to shepherd your daughter! I love the idea that opportunities are gifts. Blessed, as always, by your words. Hugs! Michelle

  16. Jen! Wow, what a great answer--your daughter is one lucky girl! Way to give direction and guidance. I nominate you for Best Mom Ever.

  17. Great post Jen! I also believe that opportunities are gifts and you took it right on with your daughter. Isn't she so lucky?


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