Monday, January 7, 2013

My Favorite Person in the World and the Soli Deo Gloria Party

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Yesterday, my favorite person in the world turned 38!  And since his love language is words of affirmation, part of his birthday present is for all my Soli Deo Gloria sisters to know the 38 top things about my sweet husband.
38.  Even though he's lived in Texas since he was in high school, the moment he crosses the Texas/Louisiana border, his southern drawl comes back...with a vengeance.

37.  He walks the dog in the morning, even when it's sprinkling.  (If you know my dog, you know the day is miserable if he doesn't get his walk.)

36.  He tempers my irrationalities like when I say, "Honey, let's get red quartz kitchen countertops from IKEA!"

35.  He lovingly solves my tech support questions.  Even though he works at Apple, he does not work in AppleCare, the tech support division.  Many people do not understand this distinction.

34.  He lets us come on his business trips when we can and does all the grocery shopping before we get there.
33.  He lets me write and share about our marriage.

32.  On family picture day, he wears what I tell him to wear.  With minimal arguments.

31.  On family picture day, he tells the girls this is the one day where mama's opinion on clothes reigns supreme.  This is a big job, if you know my girls.

30.  He learns from his mistakes.

29.  He lets me tease him about being "so much older" than I am.

28.  He didn't completely wig out when I told him I loved him on our 2nd date.

27.  He asked me to marry him after dating me for only 11 days.

26.  He graciously allows me to indulge in my controlling behaviors about bill paying.

25.  He asks for things like a talking Star Wars lunch box for Christmas.  And is totally stoked when he gets it.
24.  He vacuums.

23.  He does laundry.

22.  He remembers that my sweaters do not go in the dryer.

21.  He lets me go away for girl time.

20.  He mows the grass and helps me dig holes for new plants when the limestone rock that our house is built on gets too much for me.

19.  He comes to my races.  And moves the kids around to different mileage points during my marathons.
18.  He gives me back rubs.  And an occasional foot rub.  With lotion.  When I really beg.

17.  He plays in the church praise band.  (God knew that "guitar player" was on my "Prerequisite for Husbands" list.)

16.  He's an artist, although he rarely admits this.  He's way better than me.

15.  He understands that sometimes I don't want to talk, but his presence in the same room that I am occupying is important to me.  Blame it on my introvertedness.

14.  He gets my introvertedness.

13.  He FaceTimes with the girls even though he'll see them in an hour.

12.  He is secure in his manhood.
11.  He's learning to ask for help.

10.  He tells me when I've messed up, even though he knows I probably won't take it well.

9.  He supports the calling that God has placed on my life, even though it rarely brings in any money to the family coffers.

8.  He keeps trying, even when he's failed.

7.  He provides.  So much more than financially.

6.  He's relaxed and laid back and teaches me how to rest.  He is essentially the antithesis of me and this is very good.

5.  He reads the Bible and prays.  Everyday.

4.  He speaks encouraging words to his daughters.

3.  He cooks.  (Thank God!)

2.  He fixes things, and occasionally, even builds me something.


Alright, girls.  Help Craig start his year off right with some encouraging words for him?  I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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  1. #28? Really? Really? We must discuss...

    #10 Good man.

    #22 Really good man.

  2. Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband! Blessings for a wonderful year of love, laughter and light for all of you!!

  3. Happy birthday to Craig! A godly man, who can find? He sounds like a keeper, Jen!

  4. Oh, I love how you honor your husband here. What a treasure. :)

  5. You gotta love a man who will wear pink for his girls. My man does, too. ;)

  6. Craig, you sound like a wonderful hubby and I think we would get along well! My love language is affirmation as well, and I LOVE Star Wars too (I think an R2D2 lunchbox rocks).
    Jen, I love how you honor your husband here too...too much male bashing in the world so it is nice to read such a wonderful and respectful post about a man whom sounds like a great father, godly man and hubby! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  7. going to go all southern here and say, "dang" that's a great birthday present. (i'll probably steal the idea in november.) happy day, craig!

  8. Craig is really a very special guy!!!! Love him bunches!
    Aunt Debbie

  9. Happiest of birthdays, Craig. Jen, you'll have to write about his reaction to this post. The "manhood" picture is hilarious! What sweet, funny, precious things to say about your hubby. I think you're both blessed!

  10. love this post and the great photos. Happy Birthday Craig! Take good care of that great wife of yours.

  11. #35 - Totally get this! Tim works on Macs as a graphic designer, but so often people think he is a tech.
    #21-24 - Awesome.
    The best part - seeing the 2 of you enjoy your relationship! Happy Birthday, Craig.

  12. Good on you--telling the whole, wide, inter-web world why you are proud of your man. And a man who understands about dryers and sweaters? He's a keeper!

  13. Happy Birthday, Craig. 11 days ... wow. A man who know what he wants. :)

  14. Oh, my, your man's amazing. Laundry? Fixes things? AND is a man of the Word? I want him to be my hubby's best bud. Happy Birthday, Craig. (I think you've got a great woman on your hands, too!)

  15. First, Happy Birthday to your husband. He's only one year younger than mine! ;-) But so much alike. Mostly everything you typed about your husband, I can say the same about mine. God has put wonderful guys in our lives to show us he loves us that much! :-)

    I wish him a happy birthday full of God's graces and mercies, and of course, God's love!

  16. Lol Love #28! :) Sounds like you got yourself a pretty great guy!

  17. Happy Birthday, Craig! #12 and #22 made me smile, and it is so sweet and awesome that you support Jen with her calling and gifts.

  18. Craig, I just love how you are ok with Jen blogging about your lives. It's hard to even pick favorites, but I would say 1, 4, 6 and 9 really resonate with me because the remind me a lot of the multiple ways my hubby loves me. I am just curious, though: What is it about Star Wars and guys? My hubby is a huge fan, as is my son-in-law. We even bought strings of R2D2 lights for my SIL for Christmas-huge hit by the way. :-)

    I am especially grateful for how you support and encourage Jen so that she may do the same for each of us. The ripples in this pond are mighty and travel to distant places!

  19. What a great husband...happy birthday to him and you are one blessed woman!!

  20. I think this was a great way to show your man you love him and wish him a Happy Birthday in a very public way! :)

    A woman with a good man behind her is confident and joy filled, you can tell this with you.

  21. Happy Birthday, Craig! What an amazing man you must be to have gained the love and admiration of such a wonderful woman. (You don't put her sweaters in the dryer?! Really?!) Jen, I love this beautiful tribute to your husband... you rock!

  22. God's men are amazing men! Happy Birthday to your husband! Wishing him at least 72 more!

  23. I know I'm supposed to be encouraging your hubby, but I have to admit that I am coveting his new lunch kit. I am already driving my Good Morning Girls Sisters batty with my Star Wars references to the book of Luke. Happy Birthday to your Southern born hubby, from this newly deemed Southern Girl (aka Southern Alberta, Canada). ;)

  24. Yay, Craig!! Love this list. Lately, God has been nudging me to nurture and work on my own marriage. I find myself suddenly surrounded by so many helpful resources - like you! Thank you, friend.

  25. For Craig (and you, too)--
    You undoubtedly know that not all marriages look like yours, that not all husbands so clearly state in both word and deed such servanthood to both God and their family. None of us are perfect, but the life you live before the Lord blesses us all. God teaches us to show love in different ways. Thank you for yours. Thirty-eight is young yet, but it sounds like Jen will have an easy time adding to the list as God adds to your years. Bless you guys, and Happy Birthday.

  26. My hubby does laundry too {swooom}.


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