Monday, February 4, 2013

Around the Kitchen Table, First Edition and the Soli Deo Gloria Party

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Welcome to the FIRST edition of

Across the Kitchen Table…
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Across the Kitchen Table FAQs

Q:  What is "Across the Kitchen Table?"
A:  It is where we pretend that we all live close enough to walk to each other's houses, have a cup a tea, and share whatever is on our hearts.  It's an opportunity for us to see the authors behind the blogs and make sure y'all are actually living human beings and not robots.  (ha, ha!)

Q:  Do I have to have a vlog in order to link up this week?  
A:  Absolutely not!

Q:  Does my video have to have a specific point?  
A:  Um, no.  Today, I'm talking about my 8 year old and our nighttime conversation.

Q:  Is it okay if I say "like" and "um" and "just" a lot in my video?  
A:  Of course.  Remember, this is not about perfection.  This is about being real.

Q:  Is that mascara that you're wearing today, Jen?  I thought we had to do this "au naturale."  
A:  There are no make-up or non-make-up requirements.  Come as you are!

Q:  I didn't do a vlog today because I'm still trying to work up the courage.  Will you be doing this again?
A:  Yes!  Every first Monday of the month, I'll host another edition of "Around the Kitchen Table."

Q:  I have questions about how to make a vlog.  Can I contact you? 
A:  Yep.  You can get me at jenfergie2000 @ me.  com.

Q:  How do you feel about link-up communities, Jen?
A:  If you join 'em, make sure you visit a few people that have linked up, too.  And leave an encouraging word for them, too.

Q:  Can we invite our friends?
A:  That goes without saying!  We are an all-inclusive community!

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  1. "Maybe that attention isn't there for a reason." You make such wise statements to be talking off-the-cuff.

    Thanks for inspiring us to be ourselves, Jen. What a gift you're giving!

  2. Ahhh! I forgot it was Vlog week! Good thing you included your Q & A. Looking forward to poking around and seeing who else was brave.

  3. so....there's a kitchen table in this week's PICTURE....promise to work on it next week. to do this at my table requires quiet in the living room and kitchen. a feat. love this idea, though. for reals.

  4. I might as well be on Mars for all the understanding I have of vlogs. Video...? If I had bandwidth, which I don't, and if I had a video camera, which I don't, I'd still lack the expertise to do any of this.
    Why don't y'all just come to the farm for a chin wag? Afterwards, we'll all go to the barn and find shovels and rakes that fit each one of us and do some stewardship work.
    hahahaha, hope you're laughing with me but if you're laughing at me, that's okay too. Please, when you're finished, just tuck me into prayer and thanks.

  5. I haven't gotten my nerve yet to try vlogging but must tell you your discussion and enthusiasm about this is catching. I am 'beginning" to consider it..... Thanks Jen

  6. I love this! Can I just say, I had to smirk smile just a little at the innocent little conversation between you and that girl of yours. You really walked her thru those feeling she had without, what I might have done, and that would be probably smile and blow it off. Good lesson here for this girl. You are a smart woman who kept her cool even when you wanted to burst in your head there for a minute.

  7. Enjoyed another of your vlogs! This spoke to me on a totally different level, so thanks Jen. Because you just never know how your words make speak to and bless someone :0) Everything happens for a reason..

  8. Ok, so I didn't read the part where you said to put vlog in your caption until this morning. Bummer.

    I just got done watching your video. My 1st thought is that you are a cool mom. I would have locked her in the closet. :)

    My 2nd thought was "thank you, Jen, for reminding me that my perspective is 3rd grade limited" in comparison to God's. I needed that today. Sometimes when you pray about something for a LLLOOONNGG time, you start to wonder why it hasn't happened. But, I have to remember that He sees the bigger picture that I don't.

  9. Great idea to have vlogs! I'm technologically challenged, but I'll have to try it sometime! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  10. Ooops. Read about this last week, completely forgot about it. I think this is a great idea, and it is hard, too. We are so critical of how we look and sound on video, speaking from personal experience. What a wonderful thing that your daughter spoke to you about this. Moments like that are priceless, and really make you think on your feet and keep cool. Well done, mom, and glad you didn't have a heart attack!

  11. Always love your transparency Jen! So sad that we live in such a sexualized world, huh!? Good for you to confront it, discuss it, & engage in open dialogue with your 8 year old because of it!

  12. I adore you. And um, I think your comment about the blogging thing may have been specifically for me. So thank you.

  13. My wife, Hazel told me to come here and now I feel out of place. Anyway thanks for hosting your great site and the video is a good idea.

  14. Great encouragement Jen! I think I would die if my daughter said that and she is 15 now!! :)

  15. I have a month to get ready for another Around the Kitchen Table? I tried this time...I really did. Even did it all in one take. But it was dark and grainy and blurred and just weird... so maybe next time. I'll shoot for that. I really want to jump in!

    Jen, this is full of great lessons. (First, it emphasized that God did NOT call me to be a girl mom. I would be clueless.) Second, "wait" is sometimes His protection. And third, a resounding "yes" to your calm, open communication with your daughter. It WILL pay off in ten years!

  16. I neglected to write "vlog" and "I'm new" on my link. Oh well! Should have read your directions.

  17. Dear Jen,

    I am so impressed with how you were able to talk/discuss such an important topic as prayers, where God answers "no" instead of "yes"...I wanted to stand up and cheer for you as I listened...and by the way, I missed my friend, the kleenex box...yes, for a person with allergies, it is a very good friend (wink)...oh, and I recently got to hear this author speak and it really encouraged me...I usually don't share my link in a comment, but since we're friends

    Hugs to you,

  18. Jen, it made me smile to hear you add at the end your own questioning re: blogging and followers and wondering why you're not 'famous.' I struggled with that, too, in my 5 minutes of vlogging.

    OH MY GOODNESS, what a treasure you have in that conversation with your daughter! by the way.
    It is a sad reality that you have to deal with questions like that at 8 and not 18, but oh, God was faithful to give you such wisdom!

    You are a blessing and inspiration.

  19. Brave lady you are to lead your readers into the vlog world!

  20. I'm so bummed I missed this, I had trouble loading it up. Lordwilling it will be ready for the next one.


  21. Oh, those bedtime conversations. Treasure, treasure, treasure those! I am still "tucking in" my 14 year old (and I think I might be until he's 30) but my 16 hasn't wanted it for quite some time. Loved this little peek into your heart time with your girl.

  22. Jen!!

    Ok I finally posted my vlog. Here's the link, let me know what you think. Ahhhh! :)



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