Friday, February 22, 2013

teabag wisdom

I think we might miss His smiles,
those moments that He revels in His creation,
where He whispers in our hearts
"I am so pleased with you."
It is unfathomable to me
that a perfect God does not require
and that He can love me with such a tender love
even when I have not loved back
as I should.
And, though I do not understand,
I will not let this keep me from receiving this love,
for it is my life's breath,
the beat in my heart,
the beauty behind my smile.

Sweet sisters, my prayer this morning is that we will place our hands upon His heart today and feel how it beats with love for us, spreading beauty through us from the tops of our heads through our toes.
May we radiate with Him today.

Linking with Sandra on Saturday and Deidra on Sunday.


  1. oh how I loved this and needed to read this! I am often spilling my words of junk over the his will of my life. I am not embracing that he is whispering to me "My darling, you are right where I want you to be and I am so proud of who you are." I need not to think that I am worthless, I have no purpose because it's not what I want to do. I need to know I am WORTHY of his love because I am simply his.

  2. O thank you. I love this sort of wisdom. ( on the pic) and what you write.

  3. "I'm so pleased with you"...why do we always "think" we hear: "what did you do now?"? Maybe it's our heritage and our upbringing. I create a God of blame in my mind when the Bible talks about a God of love. I need the reminders. Always.

  4. It's not Saturday yet, but I needed this stilling today. Thank you, sweet friend.

  5. ohm Jen I needed to read this tonight. This is a beautiful reminder of His love. I think you should write this post in calligraphy and frame it. Sell it! I would buy one. have a blessed weekend, dear friend.

  6. Beautiful, and much needed. I love you, sweet sister.

  7. Yes - though I do not understand, I won't let that stop me from receiving. Great message, Jen.

  8. You have defined His love and grace so perfectly, here. Even when I have not loved back as I should. Yes.

  9. Hi Jen
    We are to often to bust to try and impress Him, that we lose sight of the fact tat He delights in us with singing! Over via Sandra.
    Much love

  10. the fact that He is perfect and loves us in spite of our INperfect life, always amazes me, and deeply touches my heart. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. beautiful message ~ I don't believe we could be so far from God's intentions/will for us since we have righteous desires and choose to the best of our abilities to listen and, obey. We weren't meant not to falter or trip, we were designed to LEARN, MAKE CHOICES AND REPENT when we commit transgressions. I love this sisterhood ~Deborah

  12. Jen, Your words ring so true with me! I feel this way: "that a perfect God does not require perfection and that He can love me with such a tender love even when I have not loved back as I should." Thank you, Jesus! His love is unfathomable.

    Christy @ A Heartening Life


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