Wednesday, February 6, 2013

when you cannot see

I rushed out the door, drove 40 minutes in traffic, arrived at the party only to realize that I brought along an empty glasses case.  Knowing that my sunglasses would not serve me well driving home long after the sun went down, I panicked.  How would I get home, unable to clearly see?

Thankfully, my friend lent me some glasses that happened to be relatively close to my prescription and I was able to get home without incident.  But the whole situation made me think about how our friends can help us see when we simply cannot.  Or maybe when we refuse to do so?

How often do we dismiss our friends' comments when they tell us that we are beautiful or giving or loving or wonderful?  How often do we meet their compliments with words like:

you're just saying that...
that'd be true if I lost 30 pounds...
you probably tell everyone that...
it was nothing...
or simply
you're lying.

Why do we assume that the good words that flow from the lips of our friends are less valuable than ours?

Why do we assume that we have the correct vision and their vision is the one that is skewed?

And I wonder, if we compare our words next to the words of our friends, whose words sound more like the words that have come from the very mouth of God?

God gives us community so that we can be encouraged by truth.  So perhaps, we can do a better job of recognizing it when it is offered to us as encouragement and love?
"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called "Today," so that none of you will be hardened by sin's deceitfulness."  Hebrews 3: 13
Perhaps we can try on their vision of us, instead of letting what we see as our glaring flaws always shape our mind's eye view of ourselves?

Will you receive a compliment as encouragement?  Will you let it sink deep down?  Will you let it be a sword that fights against all those negative thoughts that send you spiraling into a sea of doubt and despair?

Will you believe me when I tell you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made?  Will you take that piece of truth with you today?

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  1. I really love this because I get frustrated with my friends when they dismiss my encouragement. I think we think that a simple "thank you" does not show humility. I read somewhere that both pride and self-deprecation come from the same place: the self. Really, when you dismiss a word of encouragement or a compliment you are dismissing the wonderful creation God made you to be. Either way, if you think highly of yourself and lowly, you are thinking of self and not giving the glory to the One who created you. You are much sweeter in your words than I could ever be but the idea is the same: let others encourage you and take it graciously as a compliment to your Maker.

  2. Such truth here Jen. I shrug compliments away and I am not sure why? And here is something funny too Jen, I wrote a piece for Emily's Imperfect Prose and included 20/20 vision too. Ha! We are just sisters like that I suppose? Love you. Thanks for this reminder this morning. xoxo,Danelle

  3. believe believe believe.

    this is truth that cannot, must not, die.

    so blessed by you today, dear Jen.

  4. "Why do we assume that we have the correct vision and their vision is the one that is skewed?"
    A great question, Jen! Thank you for putting into words these things that we all think affect only us!

  5. oh jen, i LOVE how God is using you to help us women see ourselves as beautifully and wonderfully made. you have a powerful ministry here, friend.

  6. We're all insecure, to a greater or lesser degree. Some of us live our entire lives with that insecurity because the devil we know is better than the one we don't. However, when we CHOOSE to believe God's Word...we are made in HIS image...our lives change ginormously -smile- for the Kingdom.
    Joseph told his brothers, "you meant it for evil, God worked it for good" but the only reason God was able to work it for good, is because Joseph was always seeking God's Perfect Will, not God's Permissive Will.
    In our lives, God works for good when *we* choose to accept and allow; not before. It always circles back to that "free will" option. -smile-

  7. "Why do we assume that we have the correct vision and their vision is the one that is skewed?"

    I do this all the time....I should know not to trust myself, especially when our perspective is so limited. Thank you for this!


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