Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You Don't Know You're Beautiful, Part 2

Last week, sweet Kendal wrote about how God's Words ended up talking louder than ED (eating disorder).  Did you see that she has written a book about it?  It's called Full and she is giving away a signed copy to one reader (also, she currently has her book on sale from the publisher for 20% off).  Please enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below.
(I'm guest posting today for the Whatever Girls and since it fits with our whole beauty theme, I thought I'd run it here for this series.  Guest bloggers will be back next week!)

You don’t know you’re beautiful…
That’s what makes you beautiful!
- One Direction

Sweet Girl,

I had to think awhile about these lines.  I had to meditate on the boy band’s message in order to decide if I agree with what their saying.  Like I said last time, I don’t want you to listen to these songs and get all these sayings in your head if they aren’t the truth, ya know?  Even if they do get in your head and the meaning behind them isn’t fabulous, I want you to have some Truth that’s rooted deep in your heart.

Here’s the thing:  You are beautiful and I want you to know that you are.  And you are beautiful simply because you are created by God and He revels in the magnificence of His creation. Do you know that He calls you (yes, you!) His prized possession?  Let’s learn early to define beauty by God’s standards and not the world’s standards because let me tell you, they are two entirely different things.

Every good thing God created came from the overflow of his own beauty. Imagine the first six days on planet Earth! (Strassner)

I don’t profess to know the inner working of the boy band song-making machine, but I’m not sure that they really understand what they are singing in this song.  Thinking that you are ugly or not as pretty as so-and-so, thinking that God messed up when He gave you that hair or those teeth or these thighs – this kind of not knowing you’re beautiful doesn’t normally capture the kind of attention these boys are giving.  At least in my opinion.

What is attractive is real self-confidence....  

Please come over to the Whatever Girls site to read the rest of the story... but make sure before you leave you enter in to win a copy of Kendal's book below!
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  1. This quote, from somewhere in the OT about how we are God's sacred possession, is one of the ones I am learning to repeat every day as part of an effort to believe what God says about me at the most visceral level, the place where I have not fully taken hold. It is powerful.

  2. My sister is an ED survivor. Thanks for sharing this book, Jen!

  3. Oh, my, I didn't know about Kendal's book! Yay, I'm so excited. Entering and sharing...

  4. I didn't know either! What an awesome find! Enter me, please, i love that Kendal Privette. :)

  5. Jen I have really enjoyed, no that isn't the word, been ripped open by this series. I will post on this on my blog on Thursday and link back to your series. Thought provoking and the idea we don't know, accept or even grasp how beautiful we are to God is amazing to me. I am right there in the ugly, not good enough line. These words are helping me to see things in new light. Thank you!

  6. I think eating disorders and such have skewed our idea of beauty by making us think that fragility if not sickness is somehow attractive and glamorous. As a 15-year battler/survivor of anorexia, I am grateful to see your and Kendal's godly efforts to fight these lies. Thank you for the chance to win, and God bless you! <3


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