Tuesday, March 19, 2013

11 Things Your Daughter Should (at some point) Know About You

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We were sitting around the kitchen table and my oldest daughter, who is 8, started talking about a boy named Anthony. 

Apparently, he likes her.

Apparently, she likes him back. 

I was curious to know what this meant in an 8 year-old’s mind and so I started with something I thought was harmless.

“Do you hold his hand?”

“Ewww, Mom!  No!”


Somehow, the conversation steered toward her father and myself.  And somehow we got onto the subject of kissing.  And somehow I opened my way too big of a mouth and said, “Yes, I kissed a few boys before I met your father.”

[Insert very shocked 8 year-old look.]

And then somehow, my husband let it slip that we kissed on the first date.

I do not want my daughter kissing on the first date.

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