Friday, March 8, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Home

my (messy) quiet time chair
There are days that I never want to leave home.  Days that I look at my calendar and only see an after-school activity and practically giggle with glee.  To be at home, alone, all day while the kids are at school allows me to take a deep breath.

This is the way of the introverts.  At least this is the way of this introvert.

Home is a place of recovery after a long day or a long weekend.  It is a refuge where I can give Jesus the burdens that I inadvertently keep on my shoulders instead of directly sending them up to Him.

Home keeps me centered and grounded in Him.  For so many years I didn't allow myself time at home because I thought that would make me lazy.  I had to flitter about doing all of these things for Him (for me?) instead of simply being with Him.

Home can be hard work.  Two little girls, a husband, and a dog sometimes don't make for quiet.  And yet, despite the hard, is rich joy.

Today in my quiet time, I am praying for your home.  Leave me a line and I'll be praying for you.


I'm hanging out with Lisa-Jo this morning.  Want in?  Here's the deal:

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A note from Jen:
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  1. Oh, Jen. I love this! Yes! And that chair, wait , what? It looks ready for me to curl right up in...
    I feel like I want to come hang out, right there! Oops, but then we's have to let Him have the chair so we could both sit at His feet! ;) Happy Friday!

  2. This is definitely something I need to do. I need to do this. I tend to think "Oh my two year old won't ever let me have time to sit here and just be with Jesus." Which is the truth but I need to be the one to keep her busy so I can have time with him. I need to stop making excuses and just be with him.

  3. That's the way of this introvert too, Jen. Nice 5 minutes Jen!

  4. Home is a refuge! That's what I want it to be, too. Sometimes it feels messy and crazy and chaotic and I wish I could wiggle my nose and make all that go away. But it is what it is and I'm thankful for quiet times with kids at school, too. And comfy chairs and a God who loves and provides. It's been a hard week! Thanks for your prayers!

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

  5. Yes! I never feel quite right if I spend too much time away from my nest. I need to be home to recharge. I know people who are the opposite and need to be away from home, and while I do appreciate a good mom's night out on occasion, I'm so happy to be able to recharge in the one place I can wear my jammies as long as I want to and not have to wash my hair. Also, the coffee is more or less free.

  6. Ah yes... I have a few friends who have yet to learn the joyful diligence of simply (or not so simply) staying Home and just being! They have feelings of laziness and guilt if they are not running around, crazy busy! Now - I love my bossy lists and full calendar - but how I came to love them is I learned to SCHEDULE IN some of that "Just Being" time with Him in my comfy chair (which my spot looks remarkably like yours!) as well as scheduling in Me time on my own or with friends and family... Great post!

  7. Pray for my hubby and I...this transitioning food wise is affecting our marriage. He is being hard on me and using displaced fear and frustration and add the pressure of teaching so his students do well on the state test...well it is a pot boiling over and I am getting burned. Pray for me to not get defensive or take blame or burden that is not mine! Love ya sweet sister in Christ. I am so glad you are having those home moments with Jesus!

  8. Dear Jen
    In a society that screams activity to feel validated, just being quiet and at home in your heart, alone with your Lord, sometimes seems such a hard thing to do without feeling guilty! Let us ignore the ways of the world and be at home in our own skins.
    Much love

  9. Oh yes! The thought of a day at home alone makes this little introvert smile, too. The word just has such peace to it, doesn't it?

  10. Replies
    1. Like you Jen!! My computer froze:( wouldn't let me type

  11. It has taken me a while and I'm still working on not feeling guilty for sitting during the day when the kids are at school to spend time with Him. The quiet house and enjoying it?And then love it so much when they are home as well. Today, I spent the WHOLE day at home, it was a beautiful day!

  12. Since I started working full time last year, I miss most being home alone, the quiet - I don't think it is just an introvert thing. I also love it when rain and snow cancel sports activities and we find ourselves at home:) Home is hard work - especially homes greatest work - raising a family:) So glad I'm not the only one loving those home alone moments!

  13. I recognize it. We seems to be sisters. Only ... there's an ocean between us.


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