Friday, March 1, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Ordinary

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They say that Jesus was ordinary.

Well, ordinary-looking.  I am sure that no one, not even the Pharisees, if they looked down deep into their souls, would see Jesus as anything but extraordinary.  They tried to push Him to the outskirts, run Him out of town, trap Him in a tricky situation.  That's not what you do when you think someone is just a run-of-the-mill, average Joe (or Jesus, in this case).

Jesus was so extraordinary, that people didn't seem to care about whether or not He had six-pack ab muscles or stringy locks.  People saw past all of that as soon as they saw Him, I believe.  How can you not, when you are in the very presence of God?

I think we can be extraordinary, but sometimes, because we are surrounded in a world that cares so very much about the package that we come in, we think we are destined to a ordinary only life.

Jesus did miracles because He was the Son of God.
Because He could.
Because He wanted to bring healing and love and restoration.

And did you know?  We have the mind of Christ, too?

We can do miracles, they just might not come in a package of 5000 fish.
We can want to bring healing and love and restoration and by the power of His Name, we can.

No matter if we think we look ordinary on the outside.  (because you are beautiful.  not ordinary.)

I'm hanging out with Lisa-Jo this morning.  Want in?  Here's the deal:

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  1. I thought about that this morning too. He looked ordinary...but the things he did and said were far from ordinary.

  2. Great post- our relationship with Him makes all things ordinary not-so-ordinary anymore!!
    Blessings, (stopping by from FF)

  3. Dear Jen
    Oh, I think we as humans have our priorities totally skewed looking from the world's perspective. If we could just see another soul through our Pappa's eyes, how can that person not be beautiful. Even if our biggest enemy was the only person alive, Jesus would still have died for him. I sometimes battle with ths one and needs tons of grace to practice what I preach here! Happy FMF and a blessed week-end.

  4. Know this & love this! Thank for the telling of this story today. Such a great reminder of who we really are!

  5. Amen!! So often we forget we can do miracles, by just our words, heal a hurting person. Love this Jen

  6. We have the mind of Christ...grateful because the part that is left that is me...needs that reminder. ;)

  7. or maybe we CAN do the 500 fish deal too? ;) Loved this post Jen... loved the reminder that we do have the mind of Christ and we carry within us the One most Extraordinary in all we do! There is nothing really ordinary about that!

  8. You know what I love about this? This morning I read a description in Song of Songs 5 of what Christ will look like when we finally get to meet Him - He is anything but ordinary. And so will we be, maybe even so we are, because of His Spirit in us.

  9. There's no place for this on my blog, but I have to say this--
    Ordinary. Ordinary time. The time between liturgical seasons.
    But there is no ordinary time. Time, every minute, is significant. We are supposed to number our days, but that also means numbering hours and minutes. I am 62 years old and do not have so many left. I cannot number them any more because there are too many behind and an undefined number ahead, but each one has become more significant because the number ahead has dwindled into such a small pile that I could, in fact, number them if I knew the size of it. However, whatever they may be, my time is not ordinary. It is significant. I have to make it count. The days were given for a purpose and, like everything else that falls from the hand of God, was intended to count for something. I could let them be ordinary, but I can't. I just can't. I am made with intention and so are my days. I have to find their purpose..I have to.

    That's my five minutes.

  10. "People saw past all of that as soon as they saw Him, I believe. How can you not, when you are in the very presence of God?" <-- Boom. Such a powerful statement. Beautiful post, Jen.


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