Friday, March 22, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Remember

photo by Carol Harper

When you begin to doubt, remember.

Remember the times that He has carried you through.  Remember the times He has provided.  Remember the times that were all alone, and yet you were not, because He was there.

The Israelites spend much time remembering.  And why?  Because it was easy for them to see their current plight and drown in their sorrows, in their worry, in their lack.

But when they remembered, they were stirred.
When they remembered, they found hope.
When they remembered, they heard the voice of God.

When you begin to doubt, remember.

You see, the future is hazy.  There are so many unknowns, potential problems and pitfalls.  In the future, there is anxiety in what is to come.  But perhaps when we hold the past in the present, we remember we aren't marching forward alone.  No.

Rather we have a big God who has done big things.  We have a God who calls us close, who whispers our names, who says that He will fight for us.

When you begin to doubt, remember.

Remember His promises.  His covenants.  Remember His forgiveness that flows freely because it was bought with a price.

Remember, without a doubt, His undying love for you.  Just close your eyes and remember.

Search for the Lord and for his strength;
    continually seek him.
 Remember the wonders he has performed,
    his miracles, and the rulings he has given,
 you children of his servant Israel,
    you descendants of Jacob, his chosen ones.
1 Chronicles 16: 11-13, NLT

I'm hanging out with Lisa-Jo this morning.  Want in?  Here's the deal:

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A note from Jen:

Pssst...I'm also at The Whatever Girls today finishing up #6-11 of 11 Things Your Daughter Should Know about You.  If you want to read, please click here for today's installment.  Missed the #s 1-5?  Just click here.


  1. Wow. Beautiful words that I needed to hear this morning. Thank you!

  2. This is wonderful and such a timely reminder. Thank you. I also love the Scripture at the end that ties it all together.

  3. When you begin to doubt, remember! I'm just writing that out on an index card right this minute! thank you

    Be blessed as you are a blessing.

  4. Remember all he's done for me...if I could only remember it all, I would never doubt.

  5. Oh Jen this is so beautiful!!I am truly at a loss for words, thank you for your encouraging words!!

  6. Dear Jen
    Yes, when we remember how much He loves us, our hearts always seek the wonder that is God! We can be satisfied with nothing else, nothing less and no one else, but our God.
    Much love XX

  7. Yes - when in doubt... remember! LOVE this! He is so faithful... it's vital that we don't forget!

  8. Thank you for using your obvious gift for writing for the Lord and His kingdom. Great post; great reminders!
    God bless!

  9. Last week was a time of remembering - remembering what He has done before - remembering His promises, His pursuing of each of His lambs - remembering that He told me "Not one will be lost" - oh, I love where you took this - and took me today! Blessings this weekend:)

  10. Oh friend, yes! When we doubt all we have to do is look at Him and remember all that He's already done! I will be praying for you as you continue to write your story!

  11. Several years ago I had the realization of memory...during Communion one day at church. There's power in the words we say every Sunday, and a reason we say them. "Do this in remembrance of Me." Amen.

  12. Beautiful words and pictures--not only 'remember' but 'remind' each other. Thank you for this reminder.


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